Monday, 21 August 2017

Mr Munro

It was a fine day in Maidstone primary school. The birds were out, and the kids were getting ready to be released from lunch. Brett and Lawrence were about to leave without putting their hand up. But before they could, Mr Whitehead grabbed their wrists. They shook with fear.

“What are you boys doing” Mr Whitehead shouted, “That is the last straw, I'm afraid I'm going to have to call your parent’s”. “No” Brett and Lawrence pleaded, “We were only setting an example of what not to do” Brett answered. “Yeah, what he said” Lawrence followed. “Oh come on, don’t be so harsh on them,”Mrs  Baker said just exiting her classroom. “They were only setting an example, as they said.” Mr Whitehead letting the boy’s go, there wrists aching as they stand back up.

“You’re lucky Mrs Baker was here to save you, next time i’ll make sure you won’t be saved”. Mr Whitehead whispered. “So what was did you do this time boy’s” Mrs Baker said. “Well, we were just on our way to lunch when Mr Whitehead suddenly grabbed us out of nowhere”. Brett replied. “I doubt that highly, although i’ll let you go with a warning this time”. Mrs Baker said. “Thanks” Both the boys said. So they finally got to enjoy the five minutes they had left of lunchtime until the bell rang.           

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