Monday, 21 August 2017

Jackie and the candy tree and the Gummy Bear Giants  

Image result for candyImage result for brown pig cartoonOnce upon a time there lived a strange teenager name Jackie. Jackie is a 13 year old girl with scruffy brown hair and pale green eyes.Meanwhile her mother used to be really pretty and was America's next top Model until she had a car accident and lost everything she had including money. No-one knew that Jackie loved Candy expect her mother, Margaret. Jackie would always beg her mother to buy her candy but her mother always said no. Jackie and her mother Margaret lived in old brown shack near L.A. together they didn’t have food or wifi they lived a sad life together. She hated going to school because all her “Friends” always have candy and they would never share their candy with her because they knew she had a candy addiction. Jackie had one friend and one friend only which is her old ugly pink pig. There poor old ugly pig would always have flies in its eyes and mud all over the pig’s face.
Image result for wifiThen one stormy Saturday Jackie's mother sent her to town with her ugly pink pig, why you may ask? Well Margaret was sick of not being able to eat anything. She thought that Jackie could go to the village and try to get the WiFi password so they could finally be able to use their old I pad that they haven’t used since the 19th century.

Jackie walks through the brown dark muddy woods through the tall green trees,and a small village just to get to the Big town where she was going to sell her pig. It took Jackie about a ten minute walk until she finally made it to the window washing town. The town gets that name because of the number of window washers that are at the traffic lights.
Image result for village cartoon Jackie walks around the town stopping anyone she sees to ask them if they would like to buy the pig, but they all say no, ‘’II don't like fat pigs’’ ‘’It's to ugly’’ ‘’What am I going to use the pig for’’. Then Jackie arrived in the candy part of town she wondered everywhere until one man offered her three jelly beans for the pig. Obviously Jackie was going to accept that deal because she really wanted the candy.

Image result for three jelly beansJackie headed home with the three jelly beans tightly held in her hand. When she arrived at home she showed her mother the Jelly beans. “WHAT IS THIS” her mother grumbled. “ I sold our pig for three jelly beans” Jackie replied.’’You selfish child we need money for food not 3 disgusting jelly beans’’ Said
Jackie’s mum with a Roar!

Jackie’s mother snatched the jelly beans out of Jackie’s hand and threw them out the window viciously. Margaret sent Jackie to her small room without any dinner and was told not to come out until she had plan to make sure they didn’t starve.

The next morning Jackie heard a high pitched scream coming from the kitchen. “WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!!” Margaret said in shock as she stared at the long tall colorful candy tree. “At least we have delicious food” Jackie said with a sarcastic tone in her voice. “Delicious” started Margaret “there is nothing delicious about candy, It rots your teeth” she roared with anger.
Jackie ran outside with excitement and started climbing to the top to pick some candy. When she was near the top she heard a loud squeaky voice saying, “ Fe Fi Fo Fum I am the Jelly Bear and here I come” at first Jackie started laughing until she reached the very top.

At the top Jackie saw a giant Gummy bear yelling again “Fe Fi Fo Fum I am the Jelly bear and here I come.” That was when Jackie realized that she was in deep trouble!!! Jackie rushed down the candy tree with fear. When Jackie reached the bottom she ran to her mother and yelled “ Mum Mum there is a giant gummy bear up the tree who wants to eat me ! “ “ that’s impossible” replied Margaret “ there is no such thing as a Giant Gummy bear” replied Margaret again. “ there is there is I saw it and it was saying Fe Fi Fo Fum I am the jelly bear and here I come” explained Jackie. “ Jackie stood tall with no fear and said “ If you don’t believe me then go up there and look for yourself.” So Margaret went up the candy tree without hesitation. Jackie followed along in fear.

Image result for giant gummy bearAt the top Margaret saw the the Gummy bear running straight towards her he grabbed her around the waist and swallowed her whole. Since the Gummy Bear was see through you could see her wriggling around. The Gummy bear was offering her $100 if he could keep Margaret. Jackie went down without hesitation with the $100 dollars. For the rest of her life Jackie was happy and had a room full of candy!

The End         

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