Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Donald Trumps BIG Mistake

Image result for donald trumpOnce upon a time in a far away land called NEW YORK there lived a big old man named DONALD TRUMP, AKA the wall builder with his soft blonde hair and orange wrinkly face and his side kick George with short brown hair and the height of a thirteen year old. Together they thought they would rule the world. He thought he would start by building a wall around the beautiful, sunny New York. Donald Trump decided to make himself useful and help make the cement powder, but we all know that Donald Trump is not that smart and used TNT powder instead of Cement powder.

Image result for explosionHe didn't realise until one day when there was a nearby fire and it started spreading fast. Before the whole of New York could blink there was a big BOOM there was a explosion. Everything they had and loved was ruined, their food, their friends and more important their loved ones. Not a lot of people died in the explosion but the ones that did their families were not so happy when they found out that it was all Donald Trump's fault. They gathered everyone around and started creating signs. Why you may ask? Well let's just say that people were going to start protesting.

Image result for protestingEveryone gathered there sign at 5am on Monday morning and stood outside of TRUMP TOWER. They started yelling and people chanting“FIRE TRUMP, FIRE TRUMP.” That's when Trump woke up with a fright, stood by his window watching the citizens of America protesting against him. One man saw Donald Trump watching them and said “ there he is, there's the man that destroyed our homes” the other man said “ he doesn’t care about us, GET HIM!” and so they charged as the doors opened. But poor tiny George could not keep them out.   

Image result for donald trump with a shocked faceDonald Trump leaped up only to find out that it was a dream. He got up got his assistant George to make him a cup of coffee and said “ You know George, I had the craziest dream” “ what is it Mr. Trump” replied George. “ I dreamed the I had made a big mistake when Building the wall.” said Trump. George said in shock, “ But sir that was not a dream look outside…..

(for Donald Trump)


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