Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Cal3bx and Prisman save roblox

Two roblox players, Cal3bx and Prisman were peacefully playing some SPEED RUN 4. They got to level 17 and then they were kicked from the game. They received a message that said Error: Game Shutdown.
“That was weird” I said to prisman in the Roblox Website Chat. “Did you lose connection?” “Sure did” replied prisman. “I wonder why that happened?” Suddenly, there was a big message that flashed up on both of their screens. “WE’RE COMING”. “-John Doe & The C0mmunity”. Games were being destroyed by the second. They decided to join a random game. They joined Fidget Spinner Tycoon. When they loaded in everything was destroyed. The buildings, the fidget spinners (well maybe that’s a good thing) and everything else was destroyed. “I can't believe that they would do this” said prisman.

“We’ve gotta stop it”. That night they did research and came up with a plan. They would try to complete “Escape John Doe Obby”, then that would transport them to a final game of Assassin where they were going to try and kill them. The next day they set off in Escape John Doe obby. It had 100 levels. The first 30 were quite easy, then it got harder. There were things like spiked balls swinging towards you, and you could never know which direction they were coming from. At level 50, they gave up. “LETS JUST SPEND OUR ROBUX TO SKIP THE NEXT 50 LEVELS” prisman said. Cal3bx agreed. So they got to level 100, and then were teleported to the game of Assassin. The map was Paintball. Cal3bx’s target was prisman, so he had to find out who his Assassin was out of The C0mmunity and John doe. Prisman’s target was John Doe. Suddenly, Cal3bx saw movement up in the office. He threw his knife up there, hoping it would hit someone. It did. Unfortunately it was the Wrong Player. Cal3bx climbed up the ladder and saw that it was John Doe up there. Cal3bx called out to prisman “JOHN IS UP IN THE OFFICE”. Prisman rushed up and started battling John. “You go find The Community” said Prisman. So Cal3bx did. He started circling the map, when his target changed to John Doe. Prisman must have died! At least now he can spectate The C0mmunity and John Doe and tell him where they were. Apparently John was still up in the office, and The C0mmunity had glitched out of the map! Cal3bx decided to go for John first. He sneakily climbed the ladder to the office and waited. When John came out to look for him he jumped out and stabbed him! John was dead. Now he just had to get The C0mmunity. But where had he glitched? Apparently he was in a room somewhere, but they had no idea where. Then, the round ended. “What the-” The C0mmunity had died! The round had taken too long, and the person with the most kills wins. They had saved Roblox, but at the cost of Prisman’s life.
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