Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Area 51 Shocker
“Scanning the area for UN-Human technology” said Jimmy. “Found anything” asked General Blackwood. “No sir” replied Jimmy. “Okay, then take a break” said General Blackwood. As the soldiers took a break from scanning any UN-Human activity, all of a sudden a beep came up on the scanning screen. It was an oval shape thing that was moving at a very fast past on the screen but, no one was there to see it. Then 5 minutes later everyone came back without knowing that the scanner picked up something on the radar.

Later that night their was news reports of people being killed by some mysterious object that mankind has never seen and, as people started seeing the news report at area 51, General Blackwood asked Jimmy to go and investigate on what happened. As Jimmy was disguising himself, he was thinking about what could've happened with that mysterious object. Later on Jimmy was at the site where the chaos was. Jimmy then started asking people around the area of the chaos situation if they saw any thing very different from our world. Some of them said they saw and oval shaped ship that was floating in the sky. Jimmy then took in this information and asked the police if he is allowed the mysterious object back to area 51. Luckily Jimmy had enough proof that he was a soldier at area 51, so he can take the object or if he didn’t, he wasn’t allowed the object. Jimmy brought the object back to area 51, so he can see what the mysterious object was but, he wasn’t smart enough to figure that out. So he went to professor Brainiac and asked him to start studying the object and find out what it is.

Image result for alienMeanwhile, in the space ship Commander Exugo was planning to destroy the world with a alien nuclear bomb but people in area 51 didn’t know how much little time they had before Commander Exugo and his troops finish building the bomb. A few hours later the professor calls both General Blackwood and Jimmy to his lab so he can tell them what the object is. Professor Brainiac told both of them that it was a mini alien nuclear bomb that can only be dangerous within 1.5 miles. The professor also told them that they have to be fast on stopping those aliens before they even make more so it can’t destroy the entire planet. Days went past but, no one knew how to destroy the aliens. That day Jimmy asked the professor to build something powerful out of that mini alien nuclear bomb so they could possible stop the aliens. Suddenly a loud siren came up in the city of Las Vegas and area 51 saying that they were under attack by a bomb. Jimmy and the professor quickly took important stuff out of the lab so they can build the device. They went down into the atomic bomb basement were General Blackwood was and a few other soldiers were. The rest of the soldiers were locked out unfortunately. Then a massive noise came from above and it sounded like everyone's ears were going to bleed. Then the noise stopped within a few seconds.

Image result for nuclear ray gunGeneral ordered the soldiers except Jimmy to be on the lookout for an suspicious things or aliens. Then the five soldiers did so. That day Jimmy and the professor were working on a device that could save mankind and, just before midnight the professor finished building it and he called it the nuclear ray gun. This gun only took one shot before an object was fully destroyed within seconds. The professor told Jimmy to take General Blackwood with him in a military car that wasn’t destroyed, so they can follow the ship. Jimmy asked what are they going to do with the other soldiers. Professor Brainiac said “ they will be alright, they will just be on the lookout near the base”. Jimmy replied and said “ okay but, thank you for building the ray gun”. The professor said “ it is my pleasure”. As Jimmy was in the car with the General, he saw the spaceship and shot but, missed. Then he did it again and boom! The spaceship was destroyed and even Commander Exugo. Then about a few months later General Blackwood promoted Jimmy from private to lieutenant.

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