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Tsunami horror

People screaming and “ow” was all you could hear for about 20 minutes after the tsunami.The people in the city were in great shock and horrified of what had happened to their city.They could not stop staring at it after a while some body rose and made a very long speech (I'm not going to write a speech)he said that they would need to build enough buildings for a number of people that survived.His name was Lukas Lukas was a tall man standing at about 6 foot tall he had brown muddy hair and light blue eyes Lukas was not the strongest but he a was a great leader.He also had two who stood with him they were always with him and great friends the where Dylan and Ronan. They set off to work right away they would use the leftover materials from the wreckage.They had built enough homes to fit 10 people within 2 months which was not helping there were only 20 people to fit in homes they were halfway there.They have nearly finished the third house when one of the men in the other home got a radio connection the news was on. The president of America was pronouncing that Japan would be a nuke bombing testing island although he did not know that there were still people alive.They no longer wanted to build homes and would use the ones they already had they decided that they were going to build boats so that they could evacuate the island. It was not easy for the remaining population to find enough materials for the boats even with the brains of Dylan as he was the smart one of the 3.When the group was searching they found a mysterious creature that washed up on the beach most problem from the tsunami.It was a pink looking blob some thought that it was a jellyfish from the deep sea.But Dylan said it was too big to be a jellyfish and had no tentacles Lukas decided that he would keep a small eye on it and he would take it to land in South Korea from South Korea they would make a phone call to America saying nothing because they weren't in Japan anymore so it didn't matter.But they would send it to America so America scientists could research it.Should everything go to plan? The time came they were leaving today.First they lifted the pink blob into the boat and 5 others they waited for the other 15 it was ten in a boat so Lukas Dylan Ronan and 2 friends got to go in a boat of 5 just as they were setting off a rocket with a dark grey trail it was getting very close and was extremely loud.At about the last minute they realized it was a nuke it hit the ground with a sonic boom and everybody died. 

Robot Invasion By Mason

The war began in 2022 it was long a lot of people died trying to stop the evil robot army. People went into hiding trying to live but they cept getting found. Four years later the guns stopped firing and it sounded like the war was over and people came out to see but it was bad the robots had won. The City of Crank heart was destroyed car were flipped over, gravel on the ground, buildings half intact, and machines destroyed all around the places. After that more of the survivors were gone and the war against robot and men had come to an end. But there were three thirteen year olds named Jake, Lewie and Nathan.

“We can not live like this forever” Said Nathan angrily they were In an old coffee shop, the doors and windows were blocked  by parts of buildings they sat in the middle and sat down eating uncooked potatoes and drinking dirty water.  Lewie got up and went over to the corner of the room Nathan and Louis looked at him puzzled and he came back with something shiny “this is something I found a couple of weeks ago buried under the rubble” said Lewie. It was a huge diamond Nathan and Louis stared in astonishment. Then they heard something from outside they got up with their knives in their hands and went closer to the windows to hear what it was. The sound was the sound of a hundred feet hitting the gravel. They went through a little gap in the wall and they were hit with a beam of light they were outside looking at group of humans, They were survivors.

The person at the front suddenly stopped and looked right at Jake, Lewie and Nathan and said “who are you” Lewie grunted and Nathan said “We are three teenagers that survived the war and have come to see what the noise was from outside, And you are”.  “I am Richard and I am leader of the survivors” Replied Richard “well what are you doing out here, And out of curiosity where did you get guns” Asked Jake. “For your information there lying on the ground every where and we are heading towards the bridge”. “Well in that case we can tell you're trying to leave the city, so can we join you” Asked Lewie “No not without payment because we have limited food sources and we can't let you just take what we earned” Said Richard “we will pay with this” Louis said taking out his diamond.

Straight away Richard said “yes” and they joined them on there way to the bridge that leads out of crank heart city. They were marching along the broken dust filled roads passing flipped tanks and a lot of guns, Talking about what they had been doing while the war was happening a lot of them said “we hid in Axel Morgan's big bunker (Lewie’s farther). They all turn the corner to find them in a dead end because there was a robot lying there, the good news was that it was not on. It had long legs and a cube like body and guns on the sides it had a huge screen on the front that reflected them. Some stupid person named Jack ran up to it and started beating it with a small stick. All of a sudden the robots lights started flickering and then all round the city there was the sound of robots turning on. “God sake Jack!” Yelled Richard. They all started to run off in small groups, Richard, Jake, Lewie, Nathan and two others ran straight a head towards a carpark.  And they lived in the carpark and found a bazooka they shot all the robots and destroyed the main robot hub at the top of the mountain in the center of the city. The survivors came out and they rebuilt the city together and they lived their lives without war.

Lucy Lost - Brooklyn

Lucy Lost

Lucy. All I could think about was Lucy. I could tell Isaac was thinking the same thing. George was clinging to my back, drifting in and out of consciences. The fumes creeping into his lungs, strangling him from the inside. He was still holding on to his teddy bear, that was the only thing telling me he was still alive. And to think it all happened so fast. Everything was taken away from me, a rug pulled from under my feet. I was clinging on to so many lives. George’s, Lucy’s and - not to mention - my own.

That Morning 8:00am

“I told you not to touch that!” Snapped Lucy in her normal sassy tone. We were in her apartment opening her birthday presents. “Well you weren’t touch’n it!” Isaac replied trying to make it sound like he wasn’t the tiniest bit afraid of her. Lucy rolled her eyes and put her focus back on her new drone.
“Lucy! There is one more present in your room!” Dave, Lucy’s father called from the kitchen, where he was preparing brunch. Lucy’s eyes’ lit up and she ran to her bedroom, Isaac and I following soon after. We chased her to her room and her face flopped into a frown when she saw what was waiting on her bed. “What is this?” Lucy exclaimed holding up a pair of leopard pattern boots. She clearly did not want the boots and Lucy wasn’t the sort of person to hide things like that. Her Dad walked in the room brushing his floury hands on his ‘kiss the cook’ apron. “They are Ugg boots!” Dave said cheerfully, obviously not hearing the sarcasm and disgust in Lucy’s voice.
Just then my phone rang. I picked it up and was disappointed to see ‘Mum<3’ on the phone. ‘Who’s that?’ Isaac mouthed. ‘Mum’ I mouthed back well I answered it.
“Hi Dolly. Julie and I want you boys to come home now”
“Do we have to? We haven’t even had the cake yet!”
“Ugh, really?”
And with that, she hung up. “We have to go home” I moaned.
“Your Mum can’t do that! She can’t tell you what to do and when to do it like she is the boss of you!” Snapped Lucy back.
“I wish that was true” sighed Isaac, never wanting to leave Lucy’s side. I could tell he had a crush on Lucy - I did too - but whenever he tried to ask her out I would quickly change the subject. So we said our thank yous - only getting a grunt back from Lucy - and were on our way.

We slowly trudged down the street, both in a stroppy mood. “Mum’s are the worst” moaned Isaac, his eyes following his feet. “They only thing they're good at is feeding us!” He carried on, getting more and more angry “In fact that’s all they ever do! And they should stick to it to! They should stop jabbering on about “do this! Do that! No don't touch that!”. Why do we have to go home anyway?!” I shrugged, but she probably had a good reason. We got to our street, Oxford Court and went up to our house’s front doors. Our houses were right next to each other. The first time I met Isaac was when he moved in 9 years ago. I was going over to introduce myself and when he opened the door he jumped on me because he thought I was going to attack him.
I walked into my house, surprised to find George - my three year old brother - standing there in his Pirate suit. “Hey Dolly!”. George called me Dolly because when we were young they used to play with army men together. George didn’t know how to say ‘Army Men’ back then so he would call them Dolly’s. And from then on the family had known me as Dolly. “Want to play pirates with me?” George asked. I groaned but then realised my mum was watching me (and mum was already mad at me for talking back) “Sure” I replied.

I played with George the whole day. Eventually we gave up and went to our rooms. Then something strange happened. The ground started to rumble and my legs turned to jelly. Things were flying off my wall at me, some hitting me in the back, hard. My brain finally clicked. It was a earthquake, a huge one two. The walls started to crack and I thought the roof was going to fall down on me. My heart ponded and I crawled to the doorway, hoping it was strong enough to hold the pressure of the earthquake. Just then one wall of my bedroom collapsed and the house went on a lean, killing my puppy Dogo in the process. I started to cry. I cried for Dogo, my brother, my mum, Lucy and Isaac. Then everything stopped. Just paused for a minute. I could hear George crying and screaming from next door. I got up and ran to him. The gasses made it had to breath and you could hardly see the thick dust in the air. I ran over to him and could make out a bit of the ceiling on his leg. He was screaming my name, I lifted the heavy piece of concrete of his leg. Only now did I realise the sharp pain in my back. I felt where it was, and found a gashing cut in my back. I turned back to George who was screaming in pain of his leg. Then he just stopped. I feared he was dead, I bent over him clutching his teddy bear. He was still alive. I grabbed his bed sheet and wrapped up his leg. While picking him up on my back I ran to mum's room, but only to discover that there was nothing but rubble. She was under there somewhere, dead.

I ran outside with George on my back, still gripping onto his teddy bear. He was unconscious, but breathing. The blood from his leg soaking the crisp, white sheet. Isaac came running outside with his little sister, Ava. Her arm in a bloody sling, but Isaac seemed unhurt. I took a few deep breaths and took in everything around us. Some buildings had completely fallen down and there was gas in the air, making it nearly impossible to breath. We looked at eachother for a long time. Trying to put together what just happened. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not stop thinking about one person. Lucy. All I could think about was Lucy. I can tell Isaac was thinking the same thing. George was clinging to my back, drifting in and out of consciences. The fumes creeping into his lungs, strangling him from the inside. He was still holding on to his one eyed teddy bear, that was the only thing telling me he was still alive. And to think it all happened so fast. Everything was taken away from me, a rug pulled from under my feet. I was clinging on to so many lives. George’s, Lucy’s and - not to mention - my own. We started to run to Lucy’s apartment. Realising that everything was collapsed, and so must Lucy’s apartment. Ava started to cry and whimper, oh how I hated when little kids cry. We ran down Oxford street. We ran 10 blocks then taking a right. We ran until our feet were on fire, until it was nearly impossible to breath. We took the last left and there it was, Lucy’s apartment. Lying horizontally across the street. We slowly walked to the 37th floor peering in the broken window. I laid Goerge carefully on the ground, Issac doing the same with Ava. I peered into the window, everything was everywhere. There was no way Lucy had survived. I stepped through the window. The first thing I saw was Dave, blood smeared over his body. He was lying in the smashed oven - the one he was not long before cooking in. But Lucy was nowhere to be seen. We searched the apartment, my back aching in every sharp turn. We ventured back out the broken window, me first and then Isaac. To find Ava and George both in an unconscious state, still bleeding uncontrollably. “Noah, I, I think you should put some pressure on that back” Isaac wheezed out of breath. I turned my head around to look at my back. The hole was bigger than I had expected it to be. The blood had ran down my back and legs, like the river Nile. I picked up George, Issac doing the same with Ava. We ventured out into the evening city looking for shelter and - not to mention - Lucy.

We found a house that was still sort of together, and went inside. We good some bed sheets and some food for tomorrow. We set up camp and fell asleep shortly after. Never to wake up again.


It was a normal day down in the town of Stratford. It was all going well until Tom heard a knock at the door. “Oh come on,” He said getting out of bed. Thomas was an average person, with an average job, and an average life. He works at a company could “Alpha Nukes” their job is to supply the military with nukes. When Thomas made his way to the door, he thought it would be just another advertiser. But it was something much bigger. Thomas switched on the TV and couldn’t believe what he saw. It was a recording, not just any recording; it was a news recording. Regarding North Korea's attack on the US.                                                                                                                                                                        

 “That’s impossible,” He said to himself. “How could it- how am I still alive.” Thomas got up and left. He needed to find somewhere else away from his house. Somewhere where he will be safe. So he walked along the road hoping to find something of his interest. He did, it was a green monster according to him. Before he could act, they spotted him “time to run” He said sprinting. But yet his sprinting wasn’t fast enough; the monsters caught up with him. The next thing he knew he was knocked out cold. He woke up with a headache “Where am I” He said. Other people are standing around him. “Are you alright?” A lady asked from beside him “Yeah I'm fine” he replied. Another man came in the room “Hello my names Chris” he said. “I’m Thomas, nice to meet you.” 

 The next morning the woman named Sarah who was the first person to greet Thomas. She said her name was Sarah and she explained how they rescued Thomas from the mutants. Thomas asked if he could join the group, Sarah allowed his request. Suddenly a group of killers raids the small groups base. “Get to cover!” Chris shouted not shortly after he was stabbed in the back by a killer. “NOOO!” Sarah shouted, “we need to get out of here,” Tom said. So the remaining survivors followed Tom away safely from the base. “What do we do now?” A man from the group shouted “Yeah we have no food, or shelter” A lady said. “Over there” Thomas pointed. It was a place buried under the sand; it was sort of like the same base used by their group. But the base had a logo. It was a company named “EVIL” suddenly, Thomas started to have flashbacks. That’s was his dad's company, and that building is the HQ. 

 He rushed inside the other soon followed. It was like a maze. He couldn’t find out which way is to wear. Until finally. He found a room it was sphere like. A man was standing at the door to greet him “Hello...Son” The man said. “Who are you?”Thomas replied. “I am your father, the reason why you haven’t died yet is that of your resistance to radiation since you’ve been working on alpha nukes for your whole life.”But how are you alive?” Tom said. “Never mind that,” His dad said, we need to get out of here this place is swarming with killers.”

 Just before they were about to exit a group of killers surrounded the dad and son. The father was stabbed, but luckily he still lived, their small group came and killed the murderers. “C’mon let's go” As he said carrying his father on his shoulders. They decide to go back to their old base and rebuild it. His dad died not after. But Thomas and his group rebuilt their base and carried on helping people.   

I'm Gone

When you lie to someone are you supposed to tell them or go along with it? The last time I lied I nearly got sent to jail, nearly killed someone and lost my best friend. Nobody's perfect so why does everyone think I have to be?

The fox tooth, That’s what we call ourselves. Not everyone is allowed in our group but If you want to join, there’s a cost. 4 days, 4 events, 1 person. Not everyone survives. It’s a all for yourself kind of situation. I remember my “torture,” Austin, Bruce and myself all went through those 4 days just to be part of a stupid group.  Not all of us survived.

Day 1:
“LINE UP!” Shouted a very big man in a uniform. There is so many thoughts going through my head. Why did I agree to this? Where am I? Who are these people?
“For the next 4 days you will encounter many difficult challenges all including you and proving yourself worthy to join the fox tooth. I’m Mr Whitehead but you…. will call me sir” “You will now face your first challenge, The cleanse.”

“Welcome to the cleanse” Said a Boy not much older than me, He must be around 18 years old. His scruffy hair and blue eyes go well with his chiseled chin.
“I’m Four” He said as we just stand there like statues.
“The cleanse is a very big part of the initiation to become one of us. One of us will hold your head underwater for as long as you can, If you can hold it for long enough you go through to the next challenge. If you failed, there will be consequences.”
“You, Your first” Four said as he pointed to Austin. As He holds Austin’s head under the water, My whole body starts to shake. Austin is an olympic swimmer and has bet the record 4 years in a row for how long you can hold your breath but as soon as Four pushed his head under that water he looked as if he was in pain, as if he was out of breath already less than 10 seconds past and Austin gave up. He lifted his head and everyone gasped. His eyes, they were dead. Slowly one by one we each had a turn. Just before my turn Austin told me to breath underwater. I was so confused, only aquaman can do that
“You, Little kid with the tank top, it’s your turn.” Four yelled at me. As I walked over to him he started smiling.
“You look exactly like a girl I know” Four said just before my head was plunged underwater. ‘Breath, Breath, Breath.’ I said to myself as the water stung my face. I took a deep breath in through my mouth and then out through my nose but how did Austin know and why didn’t he do the same? I started thinking about Angie. Why did she run away? Was she scared? I just want to know the truth.

As I came out of the water. Everyone was staring at me. Four looked at me in shock as he saw the time on his stopwatch. 48min 23 secs

Day 2:
I woke up to the sound of sirens. “Come on lazy bones, you’re going to miss breakfast.” Bruce yells at me from across the room.
It’s been 4 months since my sister ran away. Everyday I searched for her but never got anywhere. Then Austin showed me this place. He said it would take my mind off it, that it would be good for me. He was wrong.
As I enter the dining hall the room is buzzing with noise. People yelling, people talking and people eating. Suddenly the room went quiet. I turned around to see if someone had walked in but no one was there. Everyone was looking at me. People started whispering. They said stuff about the cleanse and how the water didn’t ruin me. Then I saw her, Angie. She was sitting down at a table not to far from ours. I tried to get up but something was holding me down. There was a hand on my shoulder and it was big one. I looked up to see Mr Whitehead’s wide face smirking.
“We need to talk” He said to me in his monotone voice. We slowly walked together to his office. As I step inside the first thing I see is Angie and my picture up on the wall of his office.
“Certain people are good at certain things. Nerds are good at school work. Jocks are good at sports but have you ever met someone who is just naturally good at everything?” Mr Whitehead says to the wall,
“No sir. I have many friends who are good at things but I have never met someone who is good at everything.” I replied very quickly.
“I’m going to write down something on a piece of paper and then I want you to try and think of what that word might be.” He says writing something down. I look up at him and think if I was him what would I write.
“What was the word you were thinking of?” Mr Whitehead asks me.
“I thought of a word that I have never thought of before Sir. I’m not even sure if it’s a real word.” My voice comes out a little to weak and sounds like I’m about to cry.
“I don’t care if you don’t think it’s a real word just tell me the word” He says raising his voice.
“Eccentric” Yes that was my word, I have no idea what it means but that was what came to my head.
“See these two pictures on my wall? There is one of you and one of your sister Angie. Both of you are what we call, Divergent.” He says very slowly.
“You both can sense things and have the power to do very special things with your mind. The reason I am telling you this is because the next challenge you are going to face will test those powers and if you get caught using them, That’s the end for you.” Mr Whitehead explains. I just nod my head as if to say that I understand, but to be completely honest I have no idea what he just said. I was to busy watching a cockroach run down the wall.
“Good to see you understand, Now run along and make sure you are on time to your next challenge.” He says very quietly.

“This challenge is called The room. You will be put in a room for 48 hours with no food, water or anything. This tests if you can handle being out on your own when you have nothing.” Four said smiling as if he wants to see us suffer.
“While you are in this room, we will inject you with a serum that will only show your fears, only you and me can see these fears. You will experience hallucinations depending on what you are afraid of. The average person has around 8 - 10 fears. So don’t worry if you have a lot. We just want to see how you handle them.” Four continues to explain.
“He sounds like a nut job. Plus I have no fears.” Bruce whispers to me. We both snicker at the thought of it.
“First up I want Bruce.” Four invites Bruce into the room. As soon as Bruce is fully inside the door swings shut and locks itself multiple times.  
“Be back here at 12:34am on Wednesday so the next person can go in the room.” Four said before going through a small door at the end of the hall.

It’s Wednesday and I’m worried for the safety of Bruce. He has never gone a full 2 minutes without eating let alone 48. When we arrive there is a note stuck to the door. ‘Brett go through the door to your left and wait on the chair.’ I walk through the door but inside it’s pitch black. They lights suddenly turn on and I see the chair but It’s not empty. Angie is there just sitting on the chair but something’s not right, she doesn’t look real. She isn’t moving or blinking. I move closer, I’m now about 2 feet away from Angie and she still hasn’t moved.
“Brett kick me” Angie said, but it wasn’t her voice that came out her mouth it was Four’s. I stood still. Nothing Happened, The lights went off and I’m standing here in the pitch black trying to figure out what to do. Something grabs my feet, it’s dragging me somewhere. I’m suddenly in a glass box. Water filling up from the bottom. I bang on the glass, I kick the glass nothing happens. The water has reached my head, ‘I’m going to die here’ I say to myself. I gently touch the glass thinking about my family and my friends, Thinking about Angie. The glass shatters and I fall to the floor. One touch and it broke. I’m lying on the floor. People enter the room surrounding me, saying things like, It just shattered or he only has 2 fears. Then I hear that one voice.
“Eccentric” said Four as everyone steps aside for him to look at me properly. Everything goes black.  
Day 3:
Headache, Sore throat, Groggy eyes all symptoms of a cold. Not here though. You have those and you are considered weak. You are considered as not good enough or can’t keep up. That’s why I felt sorry for Bruce. Austin and I are standing by his bed looking down as he sneezes and coughs up a storm.
“Brett we really must go, or we will be late for the next challenge” Austin says to me trying to pull me away.

We walk together to the dining hall. Yet again everything goes quiet when I walk in. Whispers of “Eccentric”, “Shattered” and even “Cheater.” When we reach our table we see Angie sitting there waiting for us. I run up to her and hug her. She pushes me off and starts yelling at me.
“I’m sorry.” I’m pathetic. That’s all I could come up with to say.
“You should be” Angie says and storms off.
“Look man don’t take it to heart it’s probably just her time of the month again.” Austin says trying to cheer me up.
“All trailers please go to the courtyard for your next challenge” Says a voice over the speaker. Austin and I gather our things ready for whatever is ahead. Four is waiting for us in the courtyard. He is holding a clipboard but yet he writes nothing down. When he sees us he waves at us to hurry up.
“Seeing as Bruce couldn’t be here today he won’t be able to continue his trial and will be eliminated from the course. Today we will be doing a challenge called Down the rabbit hole. You will split up and first on to find the rabbit hole and jump down it wins. Easy right? Wrong there is many different obstacles and they all have something to do with your fears. Brett because you have less than half the amount of  fears that Austin has he will have a 5 minute head start. Any questions? No okay let’s begin”
“GO” Four yells and Austin is off. Not long after he yells and there is a big bang.
“Four we have to help him!” I try to tell Four but he isn’t listening. I wait here impatiently waiting for, Four to say go.
“Okay kid here it goes, GO!” Fours yells and I sprint through the forest. Out of nowhere Angie runs in front of me. “Run to the tower” She whispers in my ear. The sound of her voice makes me shiver. I’m running as fast as I can, no stopping. What’s at the tower? Was that just an hallucination? Why am I afraid of her? As I’m running everything blacks out, suddenly I’m in the glass box again. Water filling from the bottom, covering my shoes. My socks are soaked and I’m running out of air. I try to break the glass nothing happens. Then I saw it, The tower. I push on the glass and it shatters, I’m running. As I reach the tower I notice something weird about the top window. There is a shadow in the shape of a person. I pick up a rock and try to hit the window. It takes me about 6 goes before I actually smash it. The shadow disappears and the door opens. I walk in and the walls are covered in pictures of me and I’m starting to get freaked out. Thump, Thump, Thump. Footsteps slowly walk down the stairs.

“What are you doing here?” Whispered the girl. Her face was covered by a paper bag. Her black hair shines in the light of the sun that shines through a crack in the ceiling.
“I’m looking for a rabbit hole.” I said warily, not really sure what to do. The girl slowly points to the ground.
“Goodbye” She says. Suddenly the floor collapses and I’m in a dark room. I try to look for something but it’s pitch black and I’m not really a cat. As I’m walking around I hear a soft dripping noise. Drip, Drip, Drip. It’s getting louder. The lights come on. The first thing I see is Bruce.
“Hey, what are you doing down here, I thought you were sick.” I said walking towards him. No reply.
“Bruce…….” I’m about 4 feet away from him now but something's not right. His body is slumped against the wall, with no movement. I poke him in the head and his body just collapsed to the ground. Blood was coming out of his side and his eyes have no colour. Bruce was dead. So this is what they meant my eliminated. They didn’t want people to find out about them. Poor Bruce he died alone. Wait I never would have found him if hallucination Angie didn’t tell me about the tower. How did she know? Was that even a hallucination? I’m starting to panic. My hands are sweaty, my head hurts and I feel sick. I try to find a way out. I wonder what Austin is doing.

Day 4:
It’s been hours and I still haven’t found a way out. Soft footsteps are walking towards me.
“Come on we have to get rid of the body before one of those loser kids finds it.” Said a very deep voice. Two shadows darken the walls and I run to hide behind one of the many crates. Their footsteps become louder and louder. They are now standing right above Bruce. Both men have a chain around their neck with a fox tooth hanging off it. I guess they are part of the group too. Sometimes I hate my body because it does some very bad things just like now. I farted as loud as I can.
“Cooper was that you?” Shouted the big guy.
“No it was you! Do you really think I would do that Nate?” Shouted back Cooper.
“Come let’s stop fighting and get a move on” Nate said grabbing Bruce’s arms. As they walk away Bruce’s blood left drops leading the way out. Great I will follow those. I wait a bit before following the trail just to make sure I don’t get caught.

Ah fresh air. I think to myself as I leave the dark room. I’m now back in the forest. On the other side of the trees I see a flag.  I start running, as fast as I can. As I reach out for the flag something grabs me by the ankle. I’m being dragged through the mud. I look up, only to find that my best friend, Eyes dead, holding a knife was dragging me back into the rabbit hole.  Something was wrong with him and I need to find out what. I kick him as hard as I can and he falls to the ground. I start to run again, making sure I grab the flag until I hear Austin scream as if he was in pain. I look behind, Austin is lying on the floor with the knife going through the middle of his chest. The idiot he was running with a knife and landed on it. I sprint over to him. Blood is coming out of his body like a waterfall. His eyes roll back into his head and I start to yell.
“He wasn’t strong enough” Said a familiar voice. A shadow emerges from the tree.
“Four……… What are you doing here.” I say still holding Austin’s dead body in my arms.
“Like I said before he wasn’t strong enough so we gave him a bit of a boost. To bad it ended like this. He was such a nice boy.” Four said in the most sarcastic way possible.

I’m running. I’m nearly at the flag. I don’t know why but something about that flag makes me want it. As I reach out for the flag something stops me. Angie’s voice rings through my head.
“Stop, Don’t touch the flag.” Her voice sounds so tired, So sad.
“Go back to rabbit hole. Talk to the girl.” She whispers so I start to run. When I reach the tower. The door is locked. There is not shadow in the window and the girl is nowhere to be seen.

Slowly the trees start to sway. The sky goes dark with clouds filled with rain drops. Lighting strikes and the ground shakes. I hold the tree next to me to make sure I don’t fall. The door swings open and in the doorframe stands the girl. Her face isn’t covered and she is quite a beauty. Her eyes are bright green like the leaves around us.

“Your back, I thought they would have killed you already.” She tries to yell over the sound of the storm. I ran to her to get inside but I trip over a rock and end up on top of her on the floor.  
“Oh um…….. I’m sorry” I said as I stood up. She started laughing. She just kept laughing for a full 5 min. Thunder strikes again.
“I’m Laya by the way.” Laya said, her green eyes shining like emeralds.
“I’m Brett” I say trying to sound cool but instead I sound like a kid about to cry.
“Um yeah I know…… Oh yeah and I know Angie too.” Her voice started to shake. Laya seems nice but there was something about her that made me want to run but at the same time makes me want to stay forever.
“Follow me, I want to show you something.” Laya said in her sweet but quiet voice. She starts walking through the forest. I follow behind trying to remember the different features so we don’t get lost. Laya stops and when I look out in front of us I’m amazed! There is a massive waterfall on the other side of a humongous cliff. I step closer to the edge to get a better look.
“Brett I’m sorry” Laya says sounding almost sad. Out of nowhere she pushes me and I stumble and fall over the edge. I scream at the top of my lungs but nothing comes out.

Something weird is going on, I have been falling for over 8 min and the gorge wasn’t that deep. THUMP! I hit the ground I open my eyes only to find the clear blue sky and Laya looking over me. She seemed in shock.
“You just fell out of the sky, but how I just pushed you off the..” She stopped suddenly in mid sentence thinking about what she just said. Laya starts to back up and turns to run. I grab out and her ankle fits into my hand perfectly. Laya falls to the ground, hitting her head hard on a nearby rock. I run towards her. Her head is cracked, her eyes closed, her breath gone cold. I reach out and grab her hands. Laya’s body dragging behind me as I drag her back to the tower. Good thing I remembered the different features. Soon the tower is standing tall above us leaving a shadow behind. The rain has stopped, which is a good thing.

I lay Laya’s body down on top of where the rabbit hole opening is and start to look around. I look at all the photo’s of Angie and I. As I walk up the stairs I start to hear a soft tapping noise coming from the window. I look over and see a note taped to the top of the window sill. “Duck now” The note read. I duck as fast as I can. Laya was standing behind me and a rock flew out the window. She tried to kill me. Twice! Her footsteps heavy as she runs down the stairs and out the door. I watch her from the window, running to the cliff.

The photos on the wall don’t look very old. One of them catches my eye. It’s of Me, Bruce and Austin just before we started cross country. The things is we didn’t take a photo before cross country. I was sick that day and didn’t show up for school either. Something is very weird with this photo. I turn it over, there is a envelope with my name on it. I slowly open it. My hands start shaking as I draw the Letter out. The letter read …

Dear Brett

I love you.
By the time you read this I would have already jumped off the cliff.
Please take the pictures, I need you to remember everything that happened.
As soon as you finish reading this I want you to jump down the rabbit hole, keep running until you reach the flag. WHATEVER YOU DO DON’T TOUCH THE FLAG. You will see 2 big trees. Under each tree is a hole, make sure you take the second hole.  I can’t explain it but you will teleport somewhere. I can’t tell you where but I need you to trust me.
If you see Four, please tell him “Laya is gone” I need him to know.
The messages you have gotten from Angie through these past few days are very important. They all have one thing in common. You.
I have to go but please follow my instructions.

I love you,

I look down at the rabbit hole. Here goes nothing…….

I hit the ground hard. My arms scraped from the crates that I landed on. The lights are on and Bruce’s Blood trail is still there. I follow it till I see the door. The door opens. The flag is right there. I almost grab it but then remember Laya’s warning. I keep going till I see the two trees. The second hole is smaller than the first and I can’t fit down. I keep trying and trying.
“You look a little stuck there.” Said a familiar voice.
“Four…… How do you know Laya?” I say back. Four looks shocked as if her name brings back scarred memories. “She wanted me to tell you ‘Laya is gone’.” I say trying to sound as sympathetic as possible. Four falls to his knees. His eyes bloodshot and filling with tears. His hands are upon my shoulders now. He pushes as hard as he can and I fall through the hole.

My body hits the ground hard and I open my eyes to see Angie looking over me.

“Welcome to the fox tooth”

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Jeff was just a child when he was left behind by his family and friends. He had to fight to survive, there were many dangers but he had one friend Russia he was loyal but he wasn’t exactly human he was a Evolution, a evolved race from the human kind many were turned into theys evolved forms of the human race during the war they called it the evolution, Most cared of this evolution but Jeff didn’t care.

They had been together since they were young and traveled every day to hopefully leave the dreadful town of which they stayed, but it seemed as if the town kept going on forever . Ccccrrrrrkkk! A tree fell over Jeff and Russia then went to check it out and that's where they saw the first marks of a ravenous beast called Hell Hounds, 3 were of them lying there as if they had been thrown at the tree with lots of strength to spare the weird thing was that they had no marks on them as you would have thought, but they were just lying there lifelessly.

Jeff and Russia then set off to venture further more they then came across a cave they decided to camp outside of it and in the morning would collect minerals from inside but first they would need to collect some food that was Russia’s job, so Jeff layed there thinking of what this once proud city had become.

It was a few hours later before Jeff finally saw him coming back Jeff had always wondered where he got the food from when we barely see anything to eat and he always comes back with an absurd amount of food.

They then went into the cave and instantly they saw shadows going past at an immense speed next thing Jeff knew he heard Russia call out to Jeff his voice was slowly getting quieter and quieter Jeff then followed a trail of blood hoping it wasn’t Russia’s he then came across an abandoned weapon site, he thought that this might not actually be a cave but instead a trench that had been dug further more after the war but what?

Jeff then equipped himself with any weapon he could find and went down the cave to see some hellish beast feasting on what remained of what seemed to be a cow. He then looked to the right and saw Russia looking at him blankly as if he had been possessed by some unholy demon.

Russia then screamed then started attacking Jeff, He did the only thing he seemed fit he was obviously too far gone so Pew Pew, Russia was lying there. Dead. A tear rolled to Jeff’s eye but h wiped it away as he knew what he must do he gunned down as many Hellhounds as possible waiting for the boss to finally come out and eventually he did.

He was massive at least 12 meters in height and muscles the size of a average sized TV he then made his way to him his arm being torn from his body he used a dead hellhounds body to sneak up to him whilst everything was cleared but was knocked down and possessed just as Russia had he then found a way to another town after many decades and started a massive killing spree and to create another cycle the exact same as the last

A Story For Another Day

It was my fault. They did nothing to deserve this, nothing. I can still remember their voices, sweet, peaceful. I swore they were right behind me. I turned my back for one second, and they were. Gone. First they take your home, and then they take, everything. My name is Brooklyn. And I have seen things, you couldn’t even dream of. And this is my story on how I turned from a normal country girl. Into a soldier.

8 Years Earlier…

“MUM, CAN WE GET SOME SNACKS?” I shouted from my bedroom. “Calm down Brooklyn” Said Caitlin. “Yeah take a chill pill bruh” Added Chloe. “MUMMMMMM!”
“Brooklyn!” Brooklyn looked behind her and saw her mum’s head poke around the corner of the door. “Don’t yell at me! I’m just in the next room!” “Ughhhh, ok then, snacks?” Ianthe sighed and walked out the room. “Was that a NO or a YES?” Everyone stared at me. I stared back for a second and then added. “Quit staring you’re creeping me out” Ella started to walk up to me, went right in front of my face... and snorted. Everyone cracked up laughing. The night went on as the five girls, Ella, Chloe, Caitlin, Britney, and me Brooklyn, had a very weird, and strange sleepover. “BROOKLYN GET OFF OF ME YOU FAT HIPPO” Shrieked Chloe as she tried to push me off of her. “NO NO NO NO NO” Yelled Chloe as Ella started to ran up to me and her, catapulting herself onto me and squashing Chloe in the process. That was the last time we ever had fun. Half way through the night was when it all started. Where my life was no longer ordinary. CRASH! I shot out of bed trying to search for the light, realizing only a second later, that the huge oak tree that was standing tall outside my house, was now lying in my living room. Once I knew what was going on, I found Caitlin, Britney and Ella all trying to pull something from under the tree that had crashed through the roof leaving dust, and wood all over the floor. I stood their, shocked as I saw my mum and dad reach over and pull out a body. I stumbled over before I limped towards my friends. I fell backwards when I realized, the body belonged to the one person who was not with them that moment... Chloe. I ran over to her shaking her, hoping to wake her up, screaming her name as if she could hear me but not talk back. Suddenly a light shone above my head and a creature, tentacles coming out of it’s mouth, razor sharp teeth, grabbed hold of my mum and dad, strangling them as I rose to my feet screaming at the thing that stood in front of me. The creature took one look at me, dropped my parents and ran away. Ella, and Caitlin, rushed over to my parents, seeing if they were okay, while Britney had tried to wake up Chloe. I had realized one thing that day. That a war had just started between aliens and humans, and I was not going to sit it out.

8 Years Later…

And now I am here. Fighting the monsters that took this lovely planet from me, and every other human that has ever lived here. Chloe lived, and so did my parents, but they have never looked at me the same. I don’t blame them, after all I didn’t feel the same. “ATTENTION!” Shouted Sergeant Mesley. Chloe’s dad had already joined the army when the aliens had attacked, Chloe wasn’t so proud as her dad was. “YOU HAVE ALL BEEN RECRUITED TO ME AND I DOUBT THAT ANY OF YOU” He looked at me with a doubting expression. “WILL MAKE IT TO YOUR FIRST MISSION”
“NO SIR” Everyone shouted. “Well we’ll see about that.” Every day from then was a nightmare. He always made us say Sir, and if you said his real name Pete Mesley you’d be sleeping with the fishes. After we had finished training Caitlin, Ella, Britney, Chloe and I, were ready for our first mission. Mission #232.

35 Days Later…

After 35 days of running, jumping and feeding of birds, we were no closer to the Queen’s nest. We had spotted some of her guards lurking around most of the buildings but every time we followed one of them, they lead us nowhere. We have picked up the theory that they know we are following them and are leading us in the wrong direction. But why not kill us if they knew that we were there? So many unanswered questions. *Yawn I peeked over my shoulder. “Ella shut it, there could be aliens nearby!” Caitlin whispered. “It’s not like there are any at the moment” Ella rudely answered. “What is wrong with you?”
“Well, let me see. I have no family what so ever, my brother was killed in an earthquake, and my parents was slaughtered by the aliens, so right now EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH ME!!!”
“Hey. Don’t act like you have been the only one who has seen things that they wish they hadn’t seen!”
“BOTH OF YOU SHUT IT!” I turned around to see Britney looking like she was about to explode! “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR BICKERING! ALL YOU EVER DO IS YELL AT EACH OTHER! I AM SICK OF IT!” Everyone could not believe their eyes. We all just stood there frozen in shock. “That’s more like it” Britney added sitting down on the hard floor.
“AUGHHHHHHHHHHHH” I woke up with my heart beating out of my chest. I slowly zipped the tent’s door open and right before my eyes I saw five aliens each more hideous than the other. Three of them were holding Britney, Ella, and Caitlin. I ducked back in my tent searching for my gun. Where is it? I thought unstably. When I finally found it I pulled open the door and pointed the gun outside. But they were already gone.

“Who?” She answered. “CAITLIN, BRITNEY, AND ELLA!”
“WHAT?! HOW?!”
“The aliens got them, they must have snuck in because I didn’t hear them coming”
“Then how did you know they took them?” She asked calming down. “I heard Ella’s scream” I ran out of Chloe’s tent going inside their’s in hope for some sort of clue. I had already got dressed and was ready to go look for them, but I had no idea where to look. “Brooklyn? Brooklyn where are you” I heard Chloe whisper. “I’m over here! In Ella’s tent”
“Oh thank goodness I thought you had left me”
“I would never leave you. We are in this together” Chloe gave me a thankful smile, and left me to go get ready. After searching for a while I joined Chloe outside who was packing up all of our equipment. “You ready?” She asked me. I looked directly into her eyes. “Let’s get our friends back.”

2 Days Later…

“Brooklyn we have to stop”
“Brooklyn. I am as worried as you are. But you have to think of the possibilities. It’s been days, unless the queen want’s them for something, I don’t think their...” She took a long pause. “Alive?” I finished her sentence without saying anymore. She just nodded looking guilty. “Well I am not taking that chance, because I know that out there, where ever they are, they are alive! So are you coming with me or not!”
“Okay” I looked down at her sad face. “I will come with you. But if they more, we have to keep going”
“Deal” With that we set off towards the city hoping they would have passed through while going to the queen’s hive. “WATCH OUT” I glanced over my shoulder to see Chloe come at me like a hurricane and tackle me on the floor. I could feel my legs slam onto the hard concrete floor. “OUCH! WHAT THE HEC…!”
“SHHHHHH” I stared at Chloe for a second, and mouthed What? She didn’t say anything, she just looked up. I looked up as well hoping for an explanation. And I got one. The moment I looked up I saw an alien ship glide over us, I immediately ducked, hoping they did not spot me. I glanced back at Chloe and mouthed OH! She looked at me with a dumb expression. I poked my tongue out at her, she just sighed and looked back at the ship. Two aliens stumbled out of the ship, their tentacles waking in the air, their feet making little holes in the dirt. I looked at their ugly faces trying so hard not to shoot them in the face. Chloe obviously noticed me struggling, because she slowly pushed my gun towards the ground. I glared back at the aliens who were leaving the ship. I took that as an opportunity and poked Chloe in the arm trying to signal her. I poked her five times before she finally looked at me with an angry face. I slowly pointed to the alien’s ship and mimicked us walking into it. She obviously shook her head and mouthed ARE YOU STUPID?! I just nodded, jumped up and slowly stalked towards the ship. I glanced back behind me to see Chloe smacking her head with her hand in anger, and get up to follow me. When we reached the ship I slowly closed the door and turned on the engine. “do you even know how to fly one of these...things?” She asked. “It’s in the training manual”
“Which one?”
“Section 5B”
“Oh, I didn’t read that one” She said disappointed. I smirked at her and brought my focus back to the ship. The aliens must have heard us take off because they started to shoot at us. “FLY HIGHER!” Chloe yelled at me. “DO YOU WANT TO FLY?” That shut her up. After escaping the alien’s deadly bullets, we flew towards a huge ship. “That must be the Queen’s hive” Said Chloe studying the ship. “WOW” Was all I said. “Don’t fly there! They can see us!”
“I won’t, don’t worry” I reassured her. “I am going to fly up the the roof so we can get into the ship easily”
“Ummm, ok. But I am still not sure about this” I stopped listening to her after that. All my focus went towards landing the ship. “Steady, steady”
“SHUT UP I KNOW HOW TO LAND!” I snapped. “Ok sorry. Just trying to help” Landing on the ship is not as easy as I thought, because when I landed Chloe fell over. “HAHA!”
“HEY THAT WAS YOUR FAULT!” I noticed something from the corner of my eye. “HEY LOOK AT ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU!” Chloe was spitting with anger after I shushed her with my finger. Chloe tried to connect the dots with what I was looking at. She noticed shortly after and calmed down. An open roof flap, was leading into the ship. Chloe and I slowly walked out of the ship, guns in our hands, ready for anything that would come out of the roof flap. But nothing did. I looked over to Chloe with a confused look, she just glanced back at me and shrugged. We both made our way towards the flap when Chloe grabbed my arm. “Go”
“I want you to go, and get our friends, I will stay guard here and make sure our ride doesn’t fly away”
“I am not leaving anyone else behind. You come with me!” She looked at me, smiling as if she had given me a test, and I had just passed. “Let’s go” I said confidently. A minute later I regretted bringing her down there. Gas spread all through the air leaving it hard for us to breath. My chest felt pain, unspeakable pain, like a sword slicing your chest open. My lungs felt the same, like they could wither away at any moment. I did not want to lose a friend just because I wanted to save my other friends. And worst of all it was my decision, so whatever happens to her now would be my fault. I so was lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realize. I was lost. “Chloe” I whispered into the black abyss. “Are you there?”
“Yeah I’m here” When she replied my heart immediately froze out of fear. “You scared me!” I whispered madly. “I thought I had lost you!” She looked back at me with an expression I could only imagine was full with sadness. “I..I’m sorry” I reached for for her hand and squeezed it lightly as I smiled at what I thought was her face. “Let’s go” And with that we both stalked through the wires and smoke until we finally found an exit. “There it is” I said in amazement. “The door to the queen herself” We had ran around the wires and smoke for a few minutes before we found the unguarded door that led trait to the Queen. “It’s a bit suspicious” Said Chloe with a curious face. “Yeah your right. There should have been guards all through this quadrin. But no one is here” We both stared at the door for a good few minutes before I slowly reached and turned the doorknob. Chloe watched with her gun in her hand. I slowly peeked around the corner of the door expecting a whole there, getting ready to kill any stowaways. And lucky for us, we were their stowaways.  “On 3” I signalled Chloe. “1...2…3” on three we lunged at the open door ready to fire. But no one was there. “Whaattttt?” I said surprisingly. Chloe looked at me with my exact same expression. I walked over towards the center of the room, looking at my surroundings. “Nothing’s her…”
“AGHHHHHH” I spun around to see a huge alien grabbing hold of Chloe. “CHLOE!”  I screamed. The Queen glared at me with it’s huge eyes, and spoke to me. “Brooklyn” I reached for my gun and aimed at the Queen firing at her stomach. “ERAGHHHH” Her scream was deafening. I covered my ears out of pain. When the Queen stopped her awful screaming, I realized who she was holding, Ella, Caitlin, Britney, and Chloe. “Brooklyn. You shouldn’t have done that”
“Because now” She looked with her beady eyes at my friends. “I am going to kill the ones you love” I froze. Surely the Queen couldn’t be that terrible. Could she? “NO!” I screamed. “Oh so you do care about them?”
“OF COURSE I DO! I need them” I looked at my friends with a warm smile. Chloe looked at me terrified. I looked back at her and mouthed. Don’t worry. You’ll be alright. She started to smile. Even though I could tell she was still terrified. “NOW LET THEM GO!”
“I don’t think I will”
“Fine” The Queen looked at me with curious eyes and without warning I fired my gun at each of her hands, making her release my friends. They all dropped onto the floor and then we fled for the door. “YOU'RE NOT GETTING OUT THAT EASILY!” I looked back at the Queen who had grabbed Britney and Caitlin in her hands, she looked at my horrified face. She smiled and crushed them. “NOOOOOOO!” I screamed. “WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!” Chloe screamed. “IT’S NOT SAFE HERE” Ella added. I looked back at them and nodded. We all started running again but the Queen noticed and screamed, making us drop and cover our ears. Once she stopped I looked over to Chloe who gave me a nodd, saying she was ok. And then I looked over to Ella, she glanced at me, smiled. Out of nowhere a giant foot stood on Ella. “AGHHHHH” I screamed, staring at a pool of blood and smashed bones. Chloe looked equally as mortified. I stopped gasping for air. What had just happened? Had I really lost my friends? I looked over to Chloe. At least I still have one friend. I struggled to get up, but was soon on my feet, glaring at the Queen. “I didn’t want to do that Brooklyn” I stared at her beady eyes slowly pulling up my gun. The Queen looked at Chloe, and then back at me. She smiled once more. And I knew what she was thinking. “CHLOE RUN!” I shouted but it was too late. She wrapped her tentacles around her body. And before I could react, the Queen tore her body apart, ripping her in half. I froze there, shocked I really had lost my friends.Tears filled my eyes and I soon started to cry. “Why are you doing this?” I shouted, I was bent over Chloe’s remains. My tears mixed in with the blood. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?” I shouted again, anger swelled my voice. “ANSWER ME!”
“Brooklyn. Join me”
“I can see into your heart, and I know everything about you”
“You don’t know anything about me” I whispered.
“YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME!” I shouted so that she could hear me. “But I do. I know that you are not normal. I know that you have seen horrors. And I know that you will do wonders. On my side” I looked into her eyes, opened my backpack and pulled out a grenade. I realized that I had two choices. One, I could join the evil Queen and take over the world, or two I could use the grenades we have to blow up the Queen and her hive. It wasn’t to hard to make my desision. Click. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM.

“Ughhh” I rose up out of the firery ashes. “What…?” I looked up and saw rubbelry everywhere. There is no way she could of survived. Wait a minute… “I’m...alive” I remembered what the Queen had said you are not normal “But what does that mean” I asked myself. I stood up on my two feet and gazed apon what had been their ship. “Goodbye my friends” I whispered into the air. I slowly turned around and walked off into the sunset. Now I must go out into the world and find out what I am. But that’s a story for another day.

The End