Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Why you should play Netball !!!

Image result for netballPlaying Netball is a great way to move around a lot more and get fit with your fitness level, if you're always tired and playing Netball get’s you a pretty good way to spend much more time with your family if you're playing with them or any other friends.Netball “what does Netball do?”,Netball can help with many things and it can help you learn new moves every time.So come on get off your lazy butt and go play some Netball.

Starting off with playing Netball,you have to chose 7 players to go on the court and play for the team every quarter of the game there would be subs and players on the court.Then everyone has to get in position where the lines are and wait for the whistle to blow.The whistle blows and the game starts.

Image result for netballEach player would be defending a different partner from another team and trying to get the ball off them,If we have the ball try to get  it back to your hoop to score the goals but don’t let the other team take it off you.Once the ball is at the end of your goal quickly give it to the shooters in your group and let them score the goal.Keep doing it til the whole game has finished and then find out your results if your won or not.
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If you like you could play more Netball matches at school against your friends and enjoying life as you play and just remember that you have to defend and get the ball to your side of the court to win.

That’s why you should play Netball,having fun and spending time outdoors instead of indoors being lazy,and you could learn a lot of new moves just for playing Netball and next time you could teach another student how to play.

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