Monday, 12 June 2017

Why you should play basketball.

Since I was 7, I’ve loved the sport basketball. Basketball is a sport where there is 5 player on the court and there is a lot of movement and there are players running everywhere. If you want to play basketball the experiment you would need is a pair of basketball shoes, socks, and a sports t shirt.

In the game of basketball there are a lot of rules. Just some of the rules are 24 second shot clock, back court, double dribble and traveling. There are heaps and heaps of more rules to go, but there are some of the main ones. If you want to take basketball to a high level then you could buy some skins, or a headband, because if you get a arm skin it will make it easier to shoot the basketball, or if you get a head band it will stop all of the sweat going on your head.

When you want to play basketball there isn’t many basketball courts you can and go play basketball, but in Auckland city where the main skate park is, there Is a really big basketball court with NBA hoops. If you want to take basketball seriously then you should go to the counties Manukau basketball trail to try and see if you get into a team, because if you do you will get great coaching and great practices.

After listening to all of the reasons of why you should play basketball, ‘are you’. It’s fun, easy to play and he can get extremely fit from playing the sport.

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