Thursday, 1 June 2017

The game of life!

Image result for the game of lifeThe game of life is played all over the world! It is a board game that lets you buy a house, go to college, have kids and get a job! You can play at all ages and is really fun to play with the family. The game of life consists of a track on which players travel by spinning a small wheel (in the center of the board) with spaces numbered 1 through 10.

Every person starts off with 200k to spend on going to college or action cards. You choose your color car and put a girl or boy in the driver's seat. In the beginning, you choose whether you want to go through the college path or the normal path. The college path lets you get a very good job that pays up to 3 times as much!

Image result for get married game of lifeAlong the board, there are yellow squares. They are action squares, for action cards. If you land on one you pick up an action card and follow the instructions. As you move around the board there are many other signs that tell you to stop. The first one is The get married stop sign. Put another peg in your car because you're married! After that, you spin to see how much each player pays you as a wedding gift. If the spinner lands on red they pay you 50 but if it lands on black you get given 100 dollars! There are many more squares on the board that means different things like the house square. This is where you pick up the top 2 houses from the deck and choose which one you want or you can choose not to buy a house!  

Image result for game of life family pathThe next stop is the family path, where you choose whether to have a family or just continue on with life. Just letting you know each kid is worth 50k. The person with the most money wins. If you choose the family path you can go and get kids or if you score a high number you can spin for babies at the stop sign. There is also a square that says Payday over it. This is when you get paid for your job. The higher the number on your card the more you get paid.

As you make your way around the board you come across an intersection that says you can you two ways. The risky road or the Safe route. The risky road can either make you broke or filthy rich! The safe route keeps you on track and keeps all your money safe.

Image result for game of life retirementThe game of life finishes with a big finale of retiring. You can choose whether to join the millionaire mansion or the country cottage. The first one to finish receives 400k and then second get 300k and so on. The person with the most money wins. Don't forget to count your babies and action cards. The action cards are worth 100k each so don’t forget! The game of life is a great game for a games night, school games day and just to have fun when you're bored. This is one of the best games to play on a rainy day.

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