Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How to play netball

Have you ever wondered that you might have wanted to play netball? Well, if you have, your in luck because here is my writing piece of how to play netball and all of the stuff you need to know about it, but before we get on with the writing you may be wondering, what is netball? Netball is a seven-a-side game in which goals are scored by throwing a ball so that it falls through a netted hoop. By contrast with basketball, a player receiving the ball must stand still until they have passed it to another player.

Image result for netballFirstly, you need 7 players on the court at all times, there are four quarters and you need to figure out if you are a Shooter, Mid-Court or Defence. Finding out what you play can be easy. Some people start off by looking at their height. They do that because tall people will mainly be a defender or a shooter and the shorter people would usually be better at Mid-Court. If you play a shooter you would be Goal attack (GA) or Goal shoot (GS) if you play Mid-Court your position will either be Centre (C) or Wing attack (WA). If you play a Defender you position will either be Wing Defence (WD), Goal Defence (GD) or Goal keep (GK).

Image result for netball  hoopSecondly, you need to know the rules of netball. The rules of netball are simple you are only allowed to hold the ball for 3 seconds. You are not allowed passed your position line and you have to be 3 feet when your player has the ball. Those are only just a few of them but they are simple. In netball you can not step with the ball, you and your team mates have to get it down the court and your shooters will be in the circle waiting for you to pass so they can get a goal for your team.

Image result for netball shoesThirdly, If you play netball for your school (like I do) you play at the a.m.i in Panmure and if you are in a club team you play on Saturday mornings at Papakura. You could also have so much fun with your friends when you are playing, also you will love playing it. On your netball dress you have to put your position on the front and the back with velcro.

In conclusion, I hope that I have helped you to play netball. And just remember:
  • Figure out where you play.
  • Learn the rules.
  • When you play.

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