Thursday, 1 June 2017

How to play amazing game chess

Image result for chess boardChess is a Awesome but thinking game.There are lots of people who love this game and lots of countries have compositions playing it.It is a two person game and it was made in the 6th century.You play on a square wooden board with lots of other squares on it.Squares that are white and squares that a black.There is a white side and a black side and to win you have to kill the other side's king.     

There are 16 chess pieces on each side and they each have their own individual square.Each piece has a place to be on the board and they all have their own names so i will go over that then go ahead and tell you how to play and what the pieces can do. So there are eight Pawns ,two Rooks, two Knights, two Bishops, one Queen and one King.Depending on what side you are playing on you put the Pawns on the row second closest to you and the Rooks on the row closest to you but on the bottom corners.Then the rest follows besides, two Knights next to the Rooks the Bishops next to the Knights then the Queen has to be on the square next to the Bishop but on its color so if you were playing white you would be on the white square if you were playing black then you would be on the black square. Then the king would go on the last square.         

The rule of how chess starts is that white always starts and makes its first move.Pawns can either move two square on there first move or one square  but after you move your pawn you can only move it once for the rest of the game and you can only kill diagonally. The Rooks can only move straight and side words but it can't jump over anything.Knights can move two squares up and one square to the side or one up and two to the side they can also jump.Bishops can move diagonally.The Queen can move as many spaces as she wants and in any derision and the King can move any way he wants but only in one square.In the end to win you have to kill the other person's king.

If you are interested in buying a chess set then you can either go to the whorehouses and get one for $18.

Now you are all ready to play your first game of chess or maybe ask to watch someone before doing so,so you get more of an idea but trust me it's easy once you get the hang of it.

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