Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Chess is a game that was created back in the 6th century and were in the 21st century so that makes it quite an old boardgame.If you’ve ever played risk or checkers which uses strategy just like chess and if you liked those two games this is the game for you. The rules can be a bit hard to learn but once you do it can be pretty fun.
This game other than checkers has stronger and weaker characters one of them is a pawn similar to the normal checkers piece but moves forward instead of diagonally, then there is the Rook or Castle as some say this piece can move horizontally and vertically however many ways it feels (the board is 8x8).Then there is a Horse it has the ability to jump over any player but can only move in an L shape (1x3) in any direction.The next character is the Bishop it can only move diagonally in any it seems fit and is one of the main pieces for the 4 move checkmate.

Next is the Queen. The is one of the strongest pieces in chess .She can move anyway (Diagonally, Vertically and horizontally)but she cannot do what the Horse can, she cannot jump over players or go in an L shape. If you're in our school and wanna give it a go we have one in our very own school.

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