Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How To Dance Hip Hop Style! By Chloe M

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Hip Hop is a style of popular music of US black and Hispanic origin, featuring rap with an electronic backing. Many people know Hip Hop as a competition for the best dancers, or just a fun way to spend time.

Hip hop is a subculture and art movement developed by African-Americans and Latinos from the South Bronx in New York City during the late 1970s. White people unfamiliar with hip hop culture often used the expression “Hip Hop” to refer exclusively to hip hop music (also called “rap”), hip hop is characterized by anywhere from four to nine distinct elements or expressive realms, of which hip hop music is only one element.

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For Hip Hop you have to use passion! No one wants to see a really good dancer have no emotion what so ever?! The audience wants to see fiery passion, something that just shows them that you are a great dancer and take it very seriously. Of course you don’t want to be all over the place with heaps of unnecessary emotions. Because Hip Hop is different from Jazz, or Ballet, or any other dancing. In Hip Hop you have use facial features, strong movements and body language.

Image result for hip hopIn Music there is always a beat, and in Hip Hop you have to follow the beat, the only reason people muck up, is because they don’t listen to the beat. Listening to the beat is a necessary part of Hip Hop, everyone should follow the beat so they get good timing and do the right actions. It isn’t very easy trying to follow the beat, but if you just practice, practice, practice, it will look really cool and make you stand out.

Now that you know what Hip Hop is, what passion to use, and to listen to the beat you can go and try out some new Hip Hop moves.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Why you should play basketball.

Since I was 7, I’ve loved the sport basketball. Basketball is a sport where there is 5 player on the court and there is a lot of movement and there are players running everywhere. If you want to play basketball the experiment you would need is a pair of basketball shoes, socks, and a sports t shirt.

In the game of basketball there are a lot of rules. Just some of the rules are 24 second shot clock, back court, double dribble and traveling. There are heaps and heaps of more rules to go, but there are some of the main ones. If you want to take basketball to a high level then you could buy some skins, or a headband, because if you get a arm skin it will make it easier to shoot the basketball, or if you get a head band it will stop all of the sweat going on your head.

When you want to play basketball there isn’t many basketball courts you can and go play basketball, but in Auckland city where the main skate park is, there Is a really big basketball court with NBA hoops. If you want to take basketball seriously then you should go to the counties Manukau basketball trail to try and see if you get into a team, because if you do you will get great coaching and great practices.

After listening to all of the reasons of why you should play basketball, ‘are you’. It’s fun, easy to play and he can get extremely fit from playing the sport.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

How To Play Football

Have you ever wondered how to play Football, well today I am going to explain how to play the amazing game of Football. Football came from the country of England which started in the late 1800’s. The first Footballs were made out of inflated leather. Now days Footballs are made out of polyester or cotton blend. The goal of the game is to score a goal in the opposing team's net by kicking the ball into it.

There are eleven players on the field for Football. The players are : GK (Goalkeeper), LB (Left Back), RB (Right Back),  LCB (Left Centre Back), RCB (Right Centre Back, LM (Left Mid), RM (Right Mid), CM (Centre Mid), LW (Left WIng), RW (Right Wing) and CF (Centre Forward). The backs mainly stay on their half of the field. The midfielders basicly move up and down the field and the forwards mainly are up the field.

The rules for Football are If the goalie picks up the ball he/she will have to kick it from inside the box but if their teammate passes the ball to the goalie he/she can’t pick it up. A throw in is taken when the ball crosses a sideline or leaves the field. For a proper throw-in you have to have both feet planted on the ground and to throw the ball with both hands over the head. The offside rule means if he/she is in the opposing team's half of the field and is also inline with the goal line as well as past the last defender with the ball their offside.

So why don't you go ahead buy a Football and have a game with your friends and give it a crack or maybe even join a Football club. So if you never knew how to play Football and read my explanation I hope you now know how to play Football.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How to Dance

Image result for danceWho of you are dance moms lovers over here? Well I know that I am, but have you ever thought that you might want to be a bit like them. You know the dancing and the flexibility, well you’re in luck because I am here to teach you how to dance. Before I get on with the cut you may want to know what dance is actually all about. Dance means to move one's feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music. To leap, skip, etc.Aas from excitement or emotion; move nimbly or quickly: to dance with joy.

Image result for danceDance involves the rhythmic movement of the human body, usually to music. It is one of the oldest forms of human expression. Dance movements are often closely related to the gestures of everyday life. dance - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up) It is the wedding of movement to music. If you want to qualify for dance you will need to feel the beat of the music and be able to improv dance, when I say improve dance I mean you will need to be able to have music start playing and being able to just dance. The skills that are needed for dance is flexibility and being fit. You don’t have to be flexible when you start dance because you will gain the flexibility as you grow as a dancer. To be fit all you need to do is go for a run everyday for about ten minutes.

Image result for danceNow you may be asking what are the different styles of dance. Many people enjoy doing something upbeat like Hip Hop or Jazz, or some people will choose something more relaxed like Contemporary or Ballet. Those are just the more popular styles of dance but there is more styles than those four. If you want to do Jazz then you just need to be able to keep up with fast and upbeat music but if you want to do contemporary that's where the flexibility becomes a bit more helpful.

Image result for danceKnow you may want to know what do people mean when they say “movements in dance”. This simply means that Dance is a performance art form consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged as dance by performers and observers within a particular culture. If you want to gain more flexibility you just need to do certain stretches daily for up to about eight weeks maximum. Some people think that dance won’t impact you when you are older, but research says that if you dance you will have the following benefits:
  • improved condition of your heart and lungs
  • increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
  • increased aerobic fitness
  • improved muscle tone and strength
  • weight management
  • stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • better coordination, agility and flexibility
  • improved balance and spatial awareness
  • increased physical confidence
  • improved mental functioning
  • improved general and psychological well being
  • greater self-confidence and self-esteem
  • better social skills.
So there you have it I have taught you how to be a good dancer, how to choose what style of dance you like, how to gain more flexibility and how dance will impact on your life when you are older.
Why you should play Netball !!!

Image result for netballPlaying Netball is a great way to move around a lot more and get fit with your fitness level, if you're always tired and playing Netball get’s you a pretty good way to spend much more time with your family if you're playing with them or any other friends.Netball “what does Netball do?”,Netball can help with many things and it can help you learn new moves every time.So come on get off your lazy butt and go play some Netball.

Starting off with playing Netball,you have to chose 7 players to go on the court and play for the team every quarter of the game there would be subs and players on the court.Then everyone has to get in position where the lines are and wait for the whistle to blow.The whistle blows and the game starts.

Image result for netballEach player would be defending a different partner from another team and trying to get the ball off them,If we have the ball try to get  it back to your hoop to score the goals but don’t let the other team take it off you.Once the ball is at the end of your goal quickly give it to the shooters in your group and let them score the goal.Keep doing it til the whole game has finished and then find out your results if your won or not.
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If you like you could play more Netball matches at school against your friends and enjoying life as you play and just remember that you have to defend and get the ball to your side of the court to win.

That’s why you should play Netball,having fun and spending time outdoors instead of indoors being lazy,and you could learn a lot of new moves just for playing Netball and next time you could teach another student how to play.

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Chess is a game that was created back in the 6th century and were in the 21st century so that makes it quite an old boardgame.If you’ve ever played risk or checkers which uses strategy just like chess and if you liked those two games this is the game for you. The rules can be a bit hard to learn but once you do it can be pretty fun.
This game other than checkers has stronger and weaker characters one of them is a pawn similar to the normal checkers piece but moves forward instead of diagonally, then there is the Rook or Castle as some say this piece can move horizontally and vertically however many ways it feels (the board is 8x8).Then there is a Horse it has the ability to jump over any player but can only move in an L shape (1x3) in any direction.The next character is the Bishop it can only move diagonally in any it seems fit and is one of the main pieces for the 4 move checkmate.

Next is the Queen. The is one of the strongest pieces in chess .She can move anyway (Diagonally, Vertically and horizontally)but she cannot do what the Horse can, she cannot jump over players or go in an L shape. If you're in our school and wanna give it a go we have one in our very own school.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How to play netball

Have you ever wondered that you might have wanted to play netball? Well, if you have, your in luck because here is my writing piece of how to play netball and all of the stuff you need to know about it, but before we get on with the writing you may be wondering, what is netball? Netball is a seven-a-side game in which goals are scored by throwing a ball so that it falls through a netted hoop. By contrast with basketball, a player receiving the ball must stand still until they have passed it to another player.

Image result for netballFirstly, you need 7 players on the court at all times, there are four quarters and you need to figure out if you are a Shooter, Mid-Court or Defence. Finding out what you play can be easy. Some people start off by looking at their height. They do that because tall people will mainly be a defender or a shooter and the shorter people would usually be better at Mid-Court. If you play a shooter you would be Goal attack (GA) or Goal shoot (GS) if you play Mid-Court your position will either be Centre (C) or Wing attack (WA). If you play a Defender you position will either be Wing Defence (WD), Goal Defence (GD) or Goal keep (GK).

Image result for netball  hoopSecondly, you need to know the rules of netball. The rules of netball are simple you are only allowed to hold the ball for 3 seconds. You are not allowed passed your position line and you have to be 3 feet when your player has the ball. Those are only just a few of them but they are simple. In netball you can not step with the ball, you and your team mates have to get it down the court and your shooters will be in the circle waiting for you to pass so they can get a goal for your team.

Image result for netball shoesThirdly, If you play netball for your school (like I do) you play at the a.m.i in Panmure and if you are in a club team you play on Saturday mornings at Papakura. You could also have so much fun with your friends when you are playing, also you will love playing it. On your netball dress you have to put your position on the front and the back with velcro.

In conclusion, I hope that I have helped you to play netball. And just remember:
  • Figure out where you play.
  • Learn the rules.
  • When you play.

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Thursday, 1 June 2017


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What is Zombicide? Zombicide is a very popular board game for teenagers and adults. It is all about Zombies and surviving the Zombie apocalypse.

Screenshot 2017-06-02 at 05.57.35.pngHow to setup? Zombicide is a little bit challenging to set up because, you have to go look through the map booklet and, it will tell you which parts of the board you need to place. But really once that is done it is quite easy because, you just need to place a couple of zombies, some cars, some cards and some doors. The instruction booklet will basically tell you where to put those pieces (if you don’t no). Then after that, you just put on your characters which can be either Josh, Doug, Wanda, Phil, Amy or Ned. Plus you get with each character an ID card(which I will talk about later). So that is the basic part of setup zombicide, now I will tell you how to play the game.

Screenshot 2017-06-02 at 05.58.58.pngI will start with the characters about their ID cards and what they are used for. So how you use your characters ID card is that there will be two slots saying card in hand and, three slots saying card in reserve. What that means is the card in hand you use to fight off zombies like a pan but, it can also be not a weapon like bottled water. Also on the top of the ID card, you will see numbers on this multi-colored line. That means the more zombies you kill, the better your EXP will go up and, plus you will be reward with something as well. Now how to get these cards? Simple, every time it is your turn you get 3 action points and you can either search or walk around the place. If you want weapons or other stuff you should pick search because you could pick up a decide weapon that can kill zombies. Just don’t get the pan it is the worst.

Screenshot 2017-06-02 at 06.01.00.pngScreenshot 2017-06-02 at 06.02.01.pngScreenshot 2017-06-02 at 06.03.10.pngNow I will tell the basic game rules for zombicide. So each character has 3 action points and can decide to walk around or search but, once all action points are done your turn is over. Once everyone has had a turn, you then have to draw a zombie card which determines how many zombies you add to the board in their spawning places. On the zombie cards, it has the same colors because the person with the highest EXP passes blue, you then stop spawn zombies from the blue color and now you spawn from the yellow color. It gets harder the higher your EXP goes up. Now the last two things I will talk about is different types of zombies and how they are used. I will also be talking about the how to use weapons. I will start off with the zombies. There are 4 types of zombies, walkers, runners, fatties and there is a boss zombie as well the Abomination. With walkers their just your average zombie that can be killed in 1 hit. Then you got runners that don’t just move one space, they move 2 spaces but they are quite easy to kill in 1 hit as the walker. Then you got fatties that are 2 to 3 hits and he will be killed but, he is quite powerful. The last one is the boss zombie Abomination that can only be killed by a Molotov cocktail. The only way you are going to get that is by search until you get a bottle and probably gasoline so it can light on fire. Now last but, not least we will learn how to use a weapon. This is also quite simple all you need to do is look at the range and how far it will shoot. Then next to it determines how many dice you get. The more dice you get the easier it is to kill zombies. Then the one next to that tells you what you need to roll. Like if it said 3 and I had two dice, and I got 1 and 3 I win because it is higher than the number I need to roll. Then the last one next to it means how much damage it does so if it said 1. I will be able to kill a runner and walker but not a fattie because it needs two damage. So you might need to do it a couple of times with those.

That is basically how you play zombicide. I hope I have taught you enough. If there wasn’t enough information go to this website down below. By the way, this is season 1 and there are 4 seasons to zombicide.

All photos were from this Zombicide website

How to play amazing game chess

Image result for chess boardChess is a Awesome but thinking game.There are lots of people who love this game and lots of countries have compositions playing it.It is a two person game and it was made in the 6th century.You play on a square wooden board with lots of other squares on it.Squares that are white and squares that a black.There is a white side and a black side and to win you have to kill the other side's king.     

There are 16 chess pieces on each side and they each have their own individual square.Each piece has a place to be on the board and they all have their own names so i will go over that then go ahead and tell you how to play and what the pieces can do. So there are eight Pawns ,two Rooks, two Knights, two Bishops, one Queen and one King.Depending on what side you are playing on you put the Pawns on the row second closest to you and the Rooks on the row closest to you but on the bottom corners.Then the rest follows besides, two Knights next to the Rooks the Bishops next to the Knights then the Queen has to be on the square next to the Bishop but on its color so if you were playing white you would be on the white square if you were playing black then you would be on the black square. Then the king would go on the last square.         

The rule of how chess starts is that white always starts and makes its first move.Pawns can either move two square on there first move or one square  but after you move your pawn you can only move it once for the rest of the game and you can only kill diagonally. The Rooks can only move straight and side words but it can't jump over anything.Knights can move two squares up and one square to the side or one up and two to the side they can also jump.Bishops can move diagonally.The Queen can move as many spaces as she wants and in any derision and the King can move any way he wants but only in one square.In the end to win you have to kill the other person's king.

If you are interested in buying a chess set then you can either go to the whorehouses and get one for $18.

Now you are all ready to play your first game of chess or maybe ask to watch someone before doing so,so you get more of an idea but trust me it's easy once you get the hang of it.

The game of life!

Image result for the game of lifeThe game of life is played all over the world! It is a board game that lets you buy a house, go to college, have kids and get a job! You can play at all ages and is really fun to play with the family. The game of life consists of a track on which players travel by spinning a small wheel (in the center of the board) with spaces numbered 1 through 10.

Every person starts off with 200k to spend on going to college or action cards. You choose your color car and put a girl or boy in the driver's seat. In the beginning, you choose whether you want to go through the college path or the normal path. The college path lets you get a very good job that pays up to 3 times as much!

Image result for get married game of lifeAlong the board, there are yellow squares. They are action squares, for action cards. If you land on one you pick up an action card and follow the instructions. As you move around the board there are many other signs that tell you to stop. The first one is The get married stop sign. Put another peg in your car because you're married! After that, you spin to see how much each player pays you as a wedding gift. If the spinner lands on red they pay you 50 but if it lands on black you get given 100 dollars! There are many more squares on the board that means different things like the house square. This is where you pick up the top 2 houses from the deck and choose which one you want or you can choose not to buy a house!  

Image result for game of life family pathThe next stop is the family path, where you choose whether to have a family or just continue on with life. Just letting you know each kid is worth 50k. The person with the most money wins. If you choose the family path you can go and get kids or if you score a high number you can spin for babies at the stop sign. There is also a square that says Payday over it. This is when you get paid for your job. The higher the number on your card the more you get paid.

As you make your way around the board you come across an intersection that says you can you two ways. The risky road or the Safe route. The risky road can either make you broke or filthy rich! The safe route keeps you on track and keeps all your money safe.

Image result for game of life retirementThe game of life finishes with a big finale of retiring. You can choose whether to join the millionaire mansion or the country cottage. The first one to finish receives 400k and then second get 300k and so on. The person with the most money wins. Don't forget to count your babies and action cards. The action cards are worth 100k each so don’t forget! The game of life is a great game for a games night, school games day and just to have fun when you're bored. This is one of the best games to play on a rainy day.