Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Why you should play Rubik's Race
Image result for rubik's race setting up step by stepAre you ever thinking why so much time has been wasted doing nothing all day.Well that is all about to change with my amazing skills to prevent boringness and all you have to do is read on.So playing the rubikś race is a great way to spend time with your family and friends to get more and more use to playing with them, having so much fun with them.It also helps when you're playing the game to test you and your family members if they're smart or not,( What a great way to find out ).
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Setting up the game is not that hard itś an easy and simple game to set up, not like those other games that are hard to set up like: you know what mean.So when you get out the game all you have to is bring out of the box,then set it up somewhere nice and flat and set the mini little squares onto the board game.Just remember the dice you have to shake for the pattern of the colour you need to match on the bigger bolder board.

Next up is playing the amazing game of Rubixś Race.To start of is you would have a intelligent or unintelligent people on a side each and VS each other,then you would have to roll the dice and whatever colour pattern it lands like you would have to play it on the board as quick as you can.After that once you finished it put down the top stand to say that you're finished the game and check if it is right.

When the game is finished and everything is right then you have won the game.Then you could play over and over again as much as you like to beat other people you haven’t VS before.Wasn’t that a fun game to make you think hard about the colour patterns.

Last but not lease That’s why you should Rubik's Race because you get to have fun with friends and family and don’t have to stress about anything apart from trying to win the game and learning it quicker and quicker as you go.

Hope you have been convinced to play the Rubik’s Race and have as much fun and knowledge playing the game.

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