Thursday, 4 May 2017


Finally after a total of 3 hours of waiting we were allowed to board the aircraft the will soon bring us to “The Mighty Kingdom Of Tonga” When we landed we waited in a hot airport for around an hour until we got to the front of the line at customs after that it was a minute walk the the exit where we got a cab drive and headed to the domestic terminal where we will catch another plane. To the island of ha pai were we would stay for the next 12 days.

 When we landed at the Ha-Pai airfield we left our extremely small airplane and took a taxi to a resort. When we arrived we were greeted by a small group of people they took us to a little restaurant area were some very generous people took a bags to are “false”( fa-lA-) ( a small hut with beds.) At the resort there are many activities the main one’s there're scuba diving, kite surfing and snorkeling .

While i was at the resort i only did the snorkeling because I can't surf and My ears can't handle pressure to well underwater. On a first few days we got infested with mosquito bite everburning we will wake up at 7:30 and head out to the “international” breakfast which was toast cereal and milk we ate a lot.
The plane we flew on

amazing view

The food at matafonua resort was awesome and the best part everything is fresh and homemade. The food the was a bit overpriced though. It was a awesome trip and I hope i could go there again

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