Thursday, 4 May 2017

Samoa’s the place to be!

As the plane took off I knew this was going to be an awesome holiday. When we landed in Samoa we were greeted by 10 to 15 people who all gave us a hug. They put lays around our necks and took our bags to the back of the airport to go through customs. Finally we were on our way to the resort. When we first walked into the resort, the first thing we saw was a massive chandelier made out of sea shells. My mum had to stop and take pictures so my brother and I went to explore the pool. The pool water crystal clear with a big rock feature in the middle where kids were jumping off. My mum called us over to check into our room.

Our room only had two beds so I had to share with my brother! Our room had a TV with only 6 channels. After unpacking we headed to the pool to chill out. My brother and I just waded and jumped off the rock. We swam till around 8 o'clock at night! Most of the days we were there we just did the same thing, Get up, go to the breakfast buffet and swim. Some of the other days we went places. On the second day we were in Samoa we went into town to look around. There wasn’t much to see except a Mcdonalds that only sold cheese burgers.

On one of the last days we were there we went to a place called the trench. The trench is 10 meter deep hole that is filled with water at the bottom. To get to the bottom there is a ladder that is dead vertical and very slippery. As My dad and I slowly walked down we watched all the people jumping from the very top into the big pool at the bottom. When you get into the water there is a rope to hold onto so you don’t get swept away by the current. Every 10 seconds the current would violently change direction and you would have to hold onto the rope for dear life!  

At last it was the day we all were dreading. THE DAY WE WENT HOME!!! The plane trip was 4 hours long but only felt like 2hrs because I was watching movies the whole time. When we landed we grabbed our stuff and headed home. On the Wednesday of the second week I went to Hannah’s birthday party and we just chilled and had fun playing challenges like the Bean boozle challenge, the chocolate challenge and many more!

These holidays were great, I wish I could do them over and over again!

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