Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Have you ever played a board game, well if you haven’t I would suggest RISK. Risk is a world war 2 game were you take over countries and use cannons, horses and soldiers. With Risk you can play with 2 players or 8 players. When you purchase risk the normal price for the board game is $70.00 and you get a lot of nice pieces with the board game.

In the game of Risk the am of the game is to try and build up your men and try and take over the other countries. If you want to win then you should put all of your men into one continent, because when it’s your turn again you will get some more men if you hold one continent. If you really don’t want to lose then you could team up with some people and try and work together, Because it’s a lot easier with a friend.

When you play Risk, anyone can play because the game is suitable for any age, because there isn’t any killing or bad language in the board game or on the board. When you want to play a game of risk, you should play with 4 or more people because otherwise when you play it will take a long time to get the game going.

If you decide you want to go and get the board game, then you should go to Farmer, toy world and the Warehouse, because all of these shops have the board game in stock. But for all of the pieces and the board game it will cost you around $75.00 - $100.00. But from my own opinion I would buy the game because it’s one of the best board games in the world with a group of people.

After listening to all of the reasons why you should buy the board game Risk, “are you”. The board game Risk is cheap and it’s a great game to play with others.

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