Wednesday, 3 May 2017

By Hannah Smith

Image result for asylum paintball photosAs I was on my way to paintball I knew that my brothers friends and I were going to have a blast at his birthday party. As I was hoping out of the car were basically sprinting to get inside apart from the fact it was raining! When we got inside we had to fill our details into the computer. When we were finished that we had to go into this room where we had to get all suited up (but they only give you a jump suit NO PROTECTION). After that we went into a room where you had to listen to the person that was explaining the rules to us.

Image result for asylum paintball gunsWhen we got up stairs to where we were playing at it was dark and spooky in there because it used to be a mental hospital. The lady explained how the paintball guns worked and the teams we are in (I was in the red team) and then we got to played the first game. The first game was call freestyle, freestyle is a game when you have to start at your base then you can go anywhere and shot people.

Image result for asylum paintball gunsWhen we finished the first game we got to go into the safe zone. The safe zone is where you can’t take your guns in and you can take off your mask. After we played another game it was called capture the flag. Capture the flag is a game where the workers have to hide something in the game rooms and we have to go find it when we play and if you find it you have to take it back to the workers and then you win. But it isn’t that easy there is stuff in it that makes noise so when you have it people from the other team has to shot you and then you have to drop straight away.

Image result for asylum paintball gunsThe next game we played was Hide and seek. We had to hide and then when we spotted a person we had to try and shoot them and if  they got hit they had to go to the safe zone because they were out. I was basically out straight away because I was sort of scared because I got hit in the tailbone and it really really hurt. At the end we got to have a turn on the high impact mode and it was soooooooooo strong.

After we played 3 games we went back downstairs to get undressed from the jump suits and we were all sad that it was over but we were still very happy we have had the experience. When we all got home we ordered some pizza and we played some challenges.

pictures from google

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