Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Holidays! By Brooklyn

I remember looking out the tinted windows covered in rain as we slowly drove all the way up to Russell. I was excited to go before I heard about the forecast, and it sort of went downhill from then on. What didn’t help at all is that my brothers were attacking me from both sides because I  have to sit in the middle because I  am the middle child. I thought my luck couldn’t get any worse until a red sign came up on the left that read Italian Bakery - Fifty Meters  I can tell my brothers are all thinking the same thing. We all put on or best ‘innocent children voices’  and pled. We pulled over and hopped out of the car. I remember sinking my teeth into the giant pie that was actually HOT  not like anything else on that cold day.

When we had finally got there I remember stepping out of the car and running down the long driveway. Tinkerbell the dog, ran out of the front door and knock Xavier to the ground like a bulldozer. When we got inside we were welcomed by hugs and kisses by veres of my aunts - my uncles were in the corner, the most I got out of one of them was a high five. My favorite thing we did was go to Emerald pools. This was because Callahan did a belly flop off the highest rock into the water and his belly was red for a week. I finally had the guts to jump off the biggest rock. I had snorkle goggles on so when I jumped into the water, I saw everything. I had a heartattack when I saw a fish because I thought it was a shark, but it probably felt the same when I screamed under the water. I swum up quickly for air and laughed at how stupid I was.

When we got home we had an amazing dinner (cooked by Nana, Aria and I) After that we all relaxed with a movie. Noah (my cousin) ruined the ending as soon as the credit came on he farted. The next morning we went to the movies and watched Lego Batman who has 9 abbs. After the movie we went to macdonalds for lunch and on a walk. During the walk Eliot (my other cousin) slipped into the lake and was soaked when he came out. Just after this we went home. We were clueless of what to do when Isaac came up with the idea of making a movie. We all agreed but still had trouble on what it would be about, we were soooo board we thought we would make a chess prodge. I was the intense deep voice in the background saying things like. ‘Chess, is life’  and ‘you don’t choose the chess piece, the chess piece chooses you’ in the end we all decided that it would be a “serious comedy” that should be taken as a joke.

In the end I rate my holiday a 9 ½ stars out of ten. I would have been a ten if I didn’t nearly die riding a kayak down the huge hill, luckily a tree stopped me before I picked up any top speeds :) If I were allowed to do it all again, I would say yes in a heartbeat.

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