Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Holiday

My 2017 term 1 Holidays

On the last day of school I couldn’t stop thinking about the 2 week holidays I couldn’t wait.

After a few days chilling at home it was time to start packing for the bach. This was the time I was waiting for. We always go to the bach mostly every second weekend.
But this time we were going for a long long time. We were going for 2 weeks. Once I finished packing and dad got home we set off on our trip down to the Bach…………… 2hours and 30mins later
we finally got their and then we had to unpack. Once we had dinner and finished unpacking I sat outside watching the stars trying to spot satellites. The rest of my family were sitting around the fire pit.

It was coming up close to New Years and we were 1 day away from 2017. We had my mum’s side of the family over and my dad’s side over. It was so nerve wracking sitting there waiting for the clock to turn over to 2017. Of Course some people were drunk but that doesn’t stop us kids having fun. We played about 20 rounds of spotlight. It was the best New Year's ever. 30 secs to go and we were all waiting for the big moment my brother had the fireworks waiting to set off then it was 12:00 pm and it was finally 2017.
We let off the fireworks and cranked up the music best night ever.

The next morning the tides in Matarangi were perfect for jet skiing so we had breakfast and got in our wetsuits, filled up the tank and set off to the harbour. My brother has his restricted license so he backed the jetski down and my dad drove it off. He took it for a warm up run and came back it then it was my turn. In Matarangi there is a trail through the mangroves so I went and checked it out, it went for ages. But along the way I got to the main road and stop and waved to the people driving past. I came back in and the others had a ride then we brought out the Knee Board and I had a go first. It was as flat as glass it was so fun I bailed a lot but overall it was really fun.

There is also a time when holidays come to an end it was probably one of the best holidays I have ever had. But now it was time to clean up. It took forever but we finally finished in the end. I can’t wait for next years holidays.

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