Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Holiday

My Holidays

YAY Mr Fourie lets us go home and our holidays finally start. I was excited to sleep in and stay up late and go to places I haven't been in a while. I walked home happy to start my holiday with watching TV.

My first activity was swimming I was excited because I haven’t been to the pools in ages. I invite Hannah along to come with us. We were in the car happy to start our fun, once we get there we rush into the pools and jump into the cold water. Hannah and I were playing a game but it was like tag but if you want to tag them you have to jump on them. Hannah and I played this for a while and it was really fun. That’s when My mum said that we had enough time in the water so we hop out and have a quick stop at Mcdonalds. To finish the day off we just played around till late.

A couple days after that it was movie day my cousins came along this time and we went to Sylvia park. Once we got there we got something to eat, a couple minutes after that we watched our movie and we watched Boss Baby. It was a really funny and great movie that we all really enjoyed. We ended our day with a play at our house.

And finally it was Hannah's birthday, it was around the afternoon and I was walking to Hannah's house with my bag full of clothes. Once I reach there I see that everyone has already arrived and we all couldn’t wait for the challenges. We played beanboozled and Johanri and I won so we shared a goody bag that had a couple of treats cream and files. Later we played tin can challenge, the makeup challenge, and a scavenger hunt. We finished the night off with a dip in the spa it was really fun and relaxing. We all had pizza and I got my nails done and they all were stickers, we then had cake and I had to go because the party was a sleepover and I wasn't allowed to stay so I left early and that ended my night.

I loved our holidays but we had to go back to school and I thought that the 2 weeks went flying past us. I was quite happy that we were going back to school to see more friends and because most of the holidays I stayed home doing nothing.

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