Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Holiday!!

My Holiday
Well everyone likes a good Holiday right?? Especially when it's Christmas right… Well it wasn’t. It was an Easter Holiday that made me eat wayyyyy to much chocolate. I know right so boring and yuck eating chocolate. So in the Easter holiday when I ate wayyyyy to much chocolate I also spent time with my family ( My annoying sister, My lovely Mum, My Dad, My very old great grandma, My grandparents and my aunty that spoils me 24/7 )

So in the holidays I went to the movies to watch the Smurfs. It was “sooo amazing”( Not ) I also spent time with my grandparents and went to church with them and learnt a valuable lesson. It was to forgive and the challenge was to forgive the people that you hold a grudge against. I also spent time with my aunty, she spoiled me rotten. She gave me a hug and a kiss, cut me up some nice fresh apple made me a nice protein shake that I almost puked up with joy and funny enough tears were rolling down my cheeks. I don’t know if it was the apple mixing with the protein shake taste which I will say again almost made me puke, Or the fact that SHE DIDN’T ACTUALLY SPOIL ME. But after that bit of the horror she treated me to some McDonald's, Took me to the arcade and we got sooo many lollies. I also went to Australia… in my dreams. After that I spent another 3 nights at my Grandparents house and had a nice relaxing time there. I watched some T.V sat on the couch had some delicious noodles, Went to church again and after that had a big feed. So that basically sums up my holiday. Oh wait I also bought at cat on the last day of the holidays but I have to take it back now because mum said it doesn't like us or she doesn't like it. One of those two. So THAT was my holiday hope you enjoyed reading it.

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