Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Holiday

Finally we’re going fishing. We’re doing something as a family for once. We got the gear ready chucked it in the van and we’re off. But first we had to go to countdown to get some snacks. We got some Doritos and some drink. Then we sped down over to Clevedon. We went past paddocks and farms we went past sheep and cows. We sped past cars and motor bikes. And then we finally reached the road to go over to the beach.  It was a thin road only a one lane, Suddenly a car came past we we’re next to the edge. But my dad pulled over anyways even though they had more space.

Anyways after we arrived we parked up near the beach. We decided to fish there.  We grabbed all the gear and the snacks. We threw it on the ground and set everything up. There were a few people there aswell hoping to catch something. But they left a few hours after we got there. Everyone left except for a young couple and their children walking along the beach.

It was getting late and we only caught 1 fish. Well we caught more than 1 we caught about 3 but all those ones we’re small and we couldn’t eat them. But then suddenly my brother Riki felt something tugging on the line. So he started shouting that he has a fish. But my dad thought that his rod was stuck on a rock. So he took the rod and as soon as he grabbed hold of it. He realised it wasn’t  a rock. If it was then that rock was alive. After about 30 Minutes trying to reel it in. It gave up and my dad bring it into shore. It was a giant Stingray. The young couple came and took photos of it. We were quite sad that it wasn’t a giant fish. So we put it back and went home.

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