Thursday, 4 May 2017

My holiday

My holiday

In the beginning of my holiday I went to Matarangi with my friend Emma and her family. We traveled 3 hours in the car and I could feel my breakfast coming up.

Finally we got to Matarangi and I am so glad, Emma and I ran to the biggest caravan and dibs it. We asked flip (Emma’s dad) for the key to the caravan 6. After a few hours of getting comfortable we all slip on our togs and head to the beach.

“The beach” we all shouted, the soft squishy sand and the big waves reminded me of old times at my Nana’s beach. We all jump in with a big splash.Me and Emma went off deep while Rachel (Emma’s little sis) and her dad stayed shallow. just as Emma says “watch out jelly fish I got so scared I didn't want to go back in because my Mum had gotten stung by one so we go back and have some lunch.

After lunch we go out to Whitianga to get some food Emma normally hates going shopping so do I but I do anything just to get out of the house. We get a few fruit and veges then head back home. At that time it was getting close to dinner so Flip put some on and must I say it was delicious. “BURP” pardon me we just finished dinner and of to bed.
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I loved going to the beach even tho there were jellyfish. There was lots of fun going on because Emma was with me she made it fun for me. Emma’s father was such a good cook and they're all very nice. I love Matarangi and I can't wait to go there again.

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