Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My Holiday Term 2

Image result for australia gold and green pngIn the first week of my holidays I went to Australia again to see my family, but this time it was mainly for seeing my sick Nan who had Lymphoma cancer. Once we arrive in Australia, my mum decided that we should go see my Nan in hospital first before going to Pop’s house. Then when we got to the Calvary Mater hospital, we then went to Ward 5 were my Nan was. When I saw my Nan she gave me the biggest cuddle and kiss that I have ever gotten. So Mum and Dad all had a talk for a while, then we headed over to my Pop’s house. While I was at my Pop’s house we unpacked all or clothes and gear and then once we had finished that, we had dinner.

Then it was our second day and it turned out to be Easter which I actually forgot about, but once I found all my eggs I decided to get dressed for that afternoon at my uncle Scott’s house. I found it fun at my uncles because will all got to catch up together and I also got to see my cousins. Then after that we went to my other uncle and also celebrated there for Easter, plus a catch up. Basically the rest of the week was to catch up with other family and friends or sometimes visiting my Nan.
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So once we got back home to New Zealand, I was so excited because I hadn’t played video games for a week. Then through Monday to Friday on week 2 I was at my Dad’s work playing some games or helping out. Once it was Thursday it was exciting for everyone at my Dad’s work because, there was a silent auction on. There was a ton of stuff that was on the auction because it could be left at his work doing nothing with it. I bided on three things and I won all three, it was Minecraft Special edition, Skyrim V and Busters (metal wire puzzles).
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On Saturday we watched Guardians of the galaxy Vol. 2 and I found this movie quite good because, it had more humour than the first movie. Plus it was even funny with baby Groot running around the place listen to music. Then after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we went to Wagamama and I actually kind of like the Teriyaki droubi then I expected. So that was basically my Holiday.

By Logan

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