Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My Holiday Experience - Ishaan

My Holiday Experience

On Saturday 15th of April my aunt uncle and little cousin came for a 10 day visit visit from Australia. That evening my other aunts, uncles and cousins came for a barbecue we ate chicken, lamb, sausage, and salad. All the kids got Easter eggs and bunnies and I got a lot of Easter bunnies and I mean a lot. The next day we went to the duck pond and we fed some ducks and geese. Then we went to the ice cream parlor and i got my favourite flavour salted caramel.

We all went to church at 5am on Sunday for an Easter Sunday service. My mum woke me up and I just sat on my bed for 5 minutes to get myself awake. Then when we left home and jumped on the motorway there were absolutely no cars on the road. When we reached church it was jam packed of people but there were some seats left. After the service there was a massive buffet breakfast at church. I ate hash browns with scrambled eggs, toast, sausage, and fruits, it was delicious.

After church we went rock fishing at the Pahurehure Inlet as we were walking towards the rocks my brother found a squid and we used it as some extra bait. My dad and uncle set up the fishing rods and they casted them. We were sitting there for 2 hours but we got nothing.
The next day my mum took my aunty, cousin and grandma to west field mall then my dad, brother uncle and I went to jump zone we were doing basketball dunks and we were playing dodge ball.  

On the last Saturday of the school holidays I had a home football game at my club. I was versing Pukekohe and it was raining plus we had to put up the nets. On the first half my teammate scored a goal then on the second half my other teammate got badly hurt during a dangerous tackle. Then my manager called and ambulance and he got sent to hospital.

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