Thursday, 4 May 2017

My holiday experience By Mason

           My holiday experience
In my holidays I mainly stayed at home. I went to the beach a couple of times it was fun my cousin came and we swam to a platform and did flips of it into the water It sometimes left bid marks. We went fishing on small inflatable kayaks in the deep water, we only caught small snapper. My dad kept on wiping us out of the kayaks into the freezing water.

Me my Dad and my brothers Jordan and Blake went to the movies to go and see Lego Batman Movie. We all got to pick some snacks I got some popcorn, some cola and M and M’s. But we realized that we came one early so we decided to spend an hour in the arcade playing cool and wacky games. I mainly played this game called call of rampaging zombies, The goal in the game is to walk round and kill all the zombies and I got to where virtual reality goggles and hold a gun with the controls. It was the right time to go to the cinema and watch the movie it was great my favorite part was when bat man is swimming in has pool. The movie had finished and it was lunch time so we got sub way combos foot long sub.

I also got an iphone 5s for helping my dad out. It is cool I can play pokemon go, Pewdiepie's tuber simulator, watch youtube and catch up with my friends.

By Mason
Yr 8
Room 7

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