Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Awesome Holiday! By Chloe

My Holiday Experience.

On Friday the 28th of April, my Dad, Sister and I all went to Rocket Ropes. Hannah and I were the ones doing the course because Dad did not want to. Dad brought us the bands that allows us to do the Rocket Course, the Rocket Course is the biggest course of all, it involved heights to 4.5m and 9m and over 40 activities (I think that is why dad did not want to do it).

When we got to Rocket Ropes we had to wait in line to sign in, the funniest thing of all was that Dad had made a booking for Sunday the 30th, I laughed a lot while Hannah just stood there giggling. But the lady was really cool and let us go through. It was a busy day so we had to wait a bit while they sent the other kids home. When it was our turn, we got sent towards the starter area to grab our gear, Hannah thought that she was so cool just standing there doing nothing, and when she did move it was when she told me to go grab any equipment for her. After we had all our equipment we went onto the Course. It was a windy path to get to the Rocket Course because you had to go around Butterfly Creek and into a little area where lead into the Course.

“HANNAH HURRY UP” I yelled at my sister as she lollygagged behind Dad and I, “WE’RE NEARLY THERE JUST HURRY UP!”, “UUGGGHHHH” Hannah said. Once we got to the Rocket Course Hannah started to complain about the stench “ewww it stinks” “ugh duh there is cow poop everywhere” I responded, Dad just looked at us and rolled his eyes. When Hannah and I stopped arguing we went up the steps to the Rocket Course. “ Umm do we do 1 Course or 2 Courses?” Hannah asked me, I wasn’t quite sure myself because I answered with “ I dunno?” We ended up yelling to Dad (who was on the floor ready to take a photo) whether we were supposed to only do 1 Course or 2 Courses, after a lot of yelling and a sore throat Dad finally answered with a…  “Yes you are supposed to do 2 Courses.” After going half way on the lower Course I was really tired (and sore because my hands were as red as blood tomatoes) because there were what looked like a thousand steps. After we did both of the Courses I did a drop known as The BIG LEAP.

Overall I loved our visit to Rocket Ropes and can’t wait till I go again.

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