Thursday, 18 May 2017

Lunch orders
At Reremoana school most kids would usually make their own lunch but,if you would like a change or don't have enough time to make your own lunch you can order lunch.

If you want to order a lunch,you will need.A menu to know what you want an envelope a pen a small amount of paper to write on and the right amount of money to pay for your food.To start of you read the menu to figure out what you want and exactly how much it will cost you.when you know what you want you have got to write down on a piece of paper the item you want and how much it costs.When you have written down what you want and the amount of money it costs to buy it then you need an envelope or a zip lock bag to put the paper in when the paper is in you need to put the write amount of money or just over the write amount of money in the bag.

Once you have your order in the envelope or zip lock bag you place it into your rooms lunch order box which should say your rooms number on it.At about 9:00am the lunch order monitor will take it to the canteen room.At about 5 minutes before lunch the lunch order monitor  will go and pick up your rooms box.When your rooms box is at your classroom and it is lunch time you may get out a brown bag with our name what you ordered and your room number on it and if you over payed in cash you may have some change.

If you need a break from your lunch remember that you will need.A menu,envelope,paper,pen and money.Write on your paper what you would like put your money and paper a zip lock bag or envelope.put the envelope in the lunch order box and wate.


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