Thursday, 4 May 2017

In the holidays I went to a few beaches the two that stuck out were Kawakawa bay and Clarks beach. The first one was Kawakawa bay, we looked for shells and got a bit stuck in the mud.
I then stayed the night at my Nana we watched a few game shows had some amazing soup and after that I played my phone and watched TV an hour later I had to go to bed.

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The next morning we went to Clarks beach we stopped a few times to get lunch and then somewhere to eat it, I then played with my little brother Quinn until my Nana was ready to go we then traveled the rest of the way to Clarks beach we found a dead shark a few dead fish and what seemed like feces of an animal we then walked a bit further till we stopped and walked back.

We then drove in the car until                                                           we came to another beach a little bit further away we then                                                           sat there for a while then left for home.

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