Monday, 29 May 2017

How to play the game of life:

Have you ever thought about how to play the game of life board game? Well if you have you're in luck because I am going to be helping you how to play the game of life in 3 easy steps.

Image result for the game of life logoFirstly, There has to be over 1 person playing and less than 5 players and then  you have to choose a banker to get you all the money that you earn during the game. Then you go on college to get a alright job or you can go a career path which you have to pay money to go but you get a better job. After that all of the people playing has to spin the spinner and who ever spins the highest gets to start then you have to choose a car (there are different colour car so you won’t get mixed up). You have to put a pink or blue peg to represent yourself then you can start in the order that you have spun in.

Image result for the game of life carsSecondly, decide if you want to go to college or start your career right away. The career path requires fewer moves to get to your first payday. You keep on playing but when you pass a payday you get how many money that is on your career or collage card (the most is $330). Then you get to a part where you have to get married and you have to add a peg into your car then you have a choice if you want to choose the risky path or the safe path. ( I Always choose the risky path because you can earn money most of the time). If you land on a yellow spot then you pick up a card called the Action card and it is like a challenge you either get money or lose money or do a challenge.

Image result for the game of lifeThirdly, You keep on going around till someone lands on payday and you give them there payday. When you spin and you land on a number you have to look at your career card because it might be your number and if it is the person that spun the number has to pay you 20k.

So there is how you play the game of life and remember Don’t forget to collect your money when you go past pay day.

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