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How to play 5 second rule

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Are you bored at home and you want to play a board game. 5 second rule is the game for you.It’s a fun,family game that tests your knowledge and makes you think.This game is super easy to set up.Here is how to play this  game.

First thing you will need to do before you play is set up the game.Here is how you set up this game the correct way. First you need to bring out the board game and take everything out of the box,Next you need to do is give each player that is playing the game 3 pass on cards and 3 switch cards each.Then put the box of cards and the tall yellow timer on the side of the of the playing board.Last thing you will need to do before playing the game is give each player a figure to play with.

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Now that you have set up the game here is how to play 5 second rule.
First everyone needs to put there figure on the start zone then the youngest person that is playing start and then the game goes clockwise with the players taking turns.There is no dice in this game so you just pick a card from the box and see what it says it might say name 3 types of shoe brands or name 3 presidents.Once you have decided what side of the card you're going to do get someone to flip the yellow timer upside down.Then you have 5 seconds to name whatever you had to name.If you get it all correct you get to move to the next space but if you get it wrong you do not get to move a space forward.Now it is the next player’s turn.
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If you get a card and you don’t know how to answer it or you don’t want to answer it you can use a pass on card,which means you don’t have to answer it put you don’t get another card it is the next player’s turn.You can also use a switch card which means whoever's turn it is after you they have to answer that correctly or they miss a turn.

Danger zone:
If you enter a danger zone all you have to do is get one card correct and then you can move out of the danger zone but if you get the card incorrect you will have to miss a turn :(

5 Second board game rules say that after the agreed number of rounds the points are counted up and the winner declared. Each card is 1 point.

This game is a fun game to play with friends or family.5 second rule makes you think and it also tests your knowledge.Just don’t forget that this game is a 2-5 player game also don’t forget that you must get everything right in the danger zone or you have to miss a turn.

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