Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How to order a school lunch. [Caleb] 🍴

A school lunch is a lunch you can order from the school. When you order a lunch you will need to pay money for the item you want then you will receive it.

To order something you will need to find out what you need to buy. You can pick up a menu from the office. Once you have chosen your item you will need to find out if you have enough money to buy it. (Side-note, the canteen only accepts New Zealand Dollars). Now you will need to find an envelope and a pen. Write down on the envelope your Full name, room number, and how many x the item you want. Put your money in the envelope, seal it and place it in your classroom’s lunch order box.

Once you have placed your order in the lunch order box your classroom’s lunch monitor will take over the box with your order in it to the canteen. Once it is lunchtime remind your class lunch monitor to go out and collect the box. Your order should be in the box with your name written on it. Check if you have the item/s you ordered and if you are owed change check that you have got the change in the envelope. Enjoy your lunch!

Lunch orders are fast, easy and convenient and for the people who want a variety of things, you're late, or just don’t have enough time to make a lunch.

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