Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How to order a Reremoana lunch.

If you go to Reremoana school then you will know that we do the lunch order systems where you can buy a lunch online. But if you are knew to the school, I’m going to tell you how to order a lunch.
The menu for the lunch orders are really good they have pies, pizza, butter chicken wrap and lots of snacks.

If you want to order a lunch order or a lunch order online then all you need to do is come to school with a envelope with what you want to buy for your lunch order and the money inside of it. Then when you get to school you will put your order inside of the lunch order box and when it’s 9:15 the class monitor for the lunch order box will take it to the lunch order room. Then at lunchtime you will get your order.

When you order a meal from the lunch order room you can get a lot of nice food there, they don’t  just do hot food they do drinks, cold food and snacks. But the best food on the menu has to be the mince pies and the macaroni cheese. They are both $3.00 dollars and they both taste extremely nice. For the snacks they have vege chips, brownie bite, long chocolate donut and heaps of other stuff what you could snack on. For the cold food they do sandwiches, juices and mooses.

If you ever buy a lunch order then you will have to pay for the item you’re getting, well did you ever think where does the money go for the food that you buy. Well I think it goes to fundraise money for the school. If you ever buy a lunch then you will have a massive range of choices to pick from because almost every single item on the menu, people like.

After listening to all of my points to why you should get a lunch order, are you. This Friday you should pay 3 dollars and get yourself a pie or a nice hot dog. So come on guys go and get your lunch order today.

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