Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How to order a lunch order:

Image result for lunch ordersHave you ordered a lunch order before? Well if you haven’t I’m hear to help you figure out the procedure on  how to order a lunch order.  It’s so simple even a 6 year old could do it. The first thing you have to do is find a envelope to put your order on, next look at the canteen list on what you would like, after that write down what you want, and the get all the money you need and make sure you have the right amount, then when you get to school.

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Firstly Get an envelope and write your order as well as your room number and your name and you get the order form from the office. Then write the price next to it with the right amount into the envelope or zip lock bag. Then take it to your class the next morning and put it into the lunch order box. Then you will have to remind the lunch order monitor to take the box to the lunchroom and you will receive it at lunch time.

Secondly, At Reremoana school you can also order online
Image result for money sign(link will bring you to a page where you can order).
You have to look at the menu and then choose what you will like for your lunch hot food, cold drinks and combos on Tuesdays. Then you want put the credit card numbers in the little boxes and then you have to click submit and you will have a lunch for tomorrow in a brown paper bag.

Lastly, At lunch time you have to remind the lunch order monitor to go pick your lunch up for you from the lunch order room (by the hall). remember to look at it before you start eating to just check if you had change and it is the right amount and if you got the right lunch. And then enjoy your delicious lunch order.

So just remember
  • How to order
  • you can order off line
  • And remind the lunch monitors or you won’t get your lunch
So there is how to order a lunch order at Reremoana school.

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