Thursday, 18 May 2017

How to order lunch-Mason

How to order lunch

A school lunch is food that you buy from school to eat for lunch.  Eating lunch is
Important because it gives you what your body needs like protein, nutrition, and energy.  But sometimes your parents have not got time to make you food with a lunch order it is easy, fast and convenient.

Your first steps to ordering a lunch is to. Look at the menu and choose what you would like to eat for lunch. Next is to grab your money and check if you have the right amount of money then but the money in an envelope and write what you would like name and class. When you come to school find your class lunch order box and place your order inside.

What will happen next is it will be made. The lunch order monitor will take the box to the canteen. Then all you need to do is wait till 12:55 then remind the monitor to grab the lunch box. Then you will check that your order is right and you have the right amount of change if you did not get the right amount of change and right order you will go and tell the people at the canteen. The last thing for you to do is EAT!!! your order.

Lunch orders are easy and convenient when you are in a rush and is nice to have and that is how you order a lunch. By Mason

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