Thursday, 18 May 2017

How to order a lunch from Reremona

How to order a school lunch from Reremoana

Is it sometimes hard for you to decide what you want to eat,
well here is a simple way to not to think what lunch you want because all you could do is order lunch from the school canteen.
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Ordering from the school canteen is a lot more easier and affordable because it saves you time and money even though you don't have time to pack any lunch.
Ever wondering how to order well it’s easy all you have to do is : 1.order what you want then write it on the envelope 2. get the right amount of change and put the money in 3. seal it up and put it in the school lunch order box.

Wasn’t that easy as pie now after putting your lunch in,all you have to do is wait till lunch time and it’s ready.Now lunch is here and your lunch is ready nice and hot “yum,yum”. After finishing your lunch then that’s all you had to to nice and simple,that’s why you should order the school lunch order menu if it’s ever hard for you to buy lunch from the supermarket.

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