Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How to order lunch at Reremoana School By Chloe

How to order lunch at Reremoana School.

Ordering lunch means getting food from another source, it is also choosing what you want to eat wait for it to come and eat it. We order lunch when we do not have any lunch for ourselves or have money and would like a treat.

At Reremoana there is a piece of paper with lists of food on it. when you look at the list you can see that there are different food groups, cold, warm, and drinks.

When you have chosen what you want to order you will then need an envelope. Once you have the envelope, you will need to write your name, room number, and what you would like to order. Next to the food you ordered write down how much the total is.

As soon as you arrive at Reremoana, inside your class there will be a box with your class number on it. Once you have placed your lunch order in the box, wait till lunch time. When it’s lunch time a student from your class will go over to the lunch lady and ask for your room number, she will then give it to them and they will come back with your lunch order.

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