Thursday, 4 May 2017

My holiday 2017

So, in the holiday, will on the last day of school I had a sleepover for my birthday. I invited Josh, Caelin, Caleb and Bill. Bill and Caleb came in the car while Josh came 30 minutes later and Caelin was dropped off at around 5pm at my house. When we got to my house  Bill, Caleb and I went straight on the xbox and played Fifa 17. That afternoon all we did was play Fifa 17. I played against Bill first. He was FC BARCELONA and I was Real Madrid other wise known as El clasico.
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I scored 3 goals and he raged quit at halftime which was quite funny.

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Caelin came over while Caleb and Josh were playing Fifa they drew 0-0. Josh then put his account on my Xbox because he felt like playing Roblox which is online. While he was doing that Caelin arrived. After Caelin arrived we played Roblox for about 30 minutes. Then we played  Basketball outside and that's when my dog Roxy came to, “Ref.” The teams were Caelin, Caleb and Ashton against Bill and I with the “ref”  Roxy joining in. They won obviously because they have Caelin. (My excuse) We then went inside except for Roxy and watched Anime, we watched the series One Punch Man. We had pizza for dinner and then watched whatever was on T.V that night. Most of us went to bed at around 12 but Bill and I stayed up till around 3am.

The next day

We woke up at around 7 and 8am. We had Scrambled eggs bacon and toast. Caelin had to shoot off to a basketball game he had. For the rest of the day we played games. When Caelin came back around 12 that's when we had my birthday cake and opened my presents. After that we went outside to do some trickshots. Then around 10 minutes later that's when everyone got picked up and I was all alone again.

It was a great holiday!!

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