Monday, 8 May 2017

Going to Waiwera

On Tuesday 18 of April my Dad and I went to waiwera hot pools
We had to wake up early in the morning so we could get to the pools on time before the slides open at 11:00am. We got up the next morning and had our usual breakfast then we had to pack a big bag with 2 towels,some spare change of clothes,money,shoes,sunscreen and etc.After we had gotten everything packed in our bags,I grabbed and book so I could read something on the way there because there was going to be a lot of traffic and it takes a while to get to waiwera. The drive took us around about 1 hour to get there or 67.3km.Next we buckled up our seat belts turned on the radio and we were ready to head of.Sadly my mum could not come to waiwera because she had work so me and my dad were only aloud to go.On the way to waiwera I was super excited but also nervous because my dad had a really bad stomach ache the day before waiwera so I was worried that he might feel sick but glady he didn't throw up at waiwera. Finally we were at the pools and I was super excited,when my dad parked up the car I could see the front door and it looked really cool.
Image result for waiwera slidesImage result for waiwera slides
After we had gotten everything out of the car It was about 10.00am so we were an hour early so we could go swimming and then go on the slides at 11:00am. I ran into the door dragging my dad behind me.As we payed the ladies at the counter to get our pass for the whole day to go swimming we walked into the pools were we saw a lot of people swimming.The first thing my eye went to was the big main swimming pool it was huge the shallow end was 1.2m deep and the deep end was 1.8m deep.My dad saw the lockers first at he payed $5.00 to have a locker to put our stuff in for the whole day.Then we took off our sandals put our bag in the locker and then we locked the locker.I walked straight to the big pool and jumped in I checked the big sign that was next to the pool the sign said that this pool was 36C which was very hot for a pool after a long swim in the big pool me and my dad went to the Sapphire pool which was 40C it was super hot when I got in the pool I felt like my legs were burning.My dad wondered what the Lava pool was I showed him where it was it was a very tiny little pool that was on the side of the Sapphire pool with a fish on the mini pool.My dad put his finger in the lava pool and he turned to me and took his finger put straight away because it was 48C which was super hot.At about 11:00 I got really bored until my dad told me that the slides have open so me and my dad jumped out of the Sapphire pool and we walked over to where the slides were.As I looked up IImage result for how many degrees is the sapphire pool at waiwera could see a green twisty slide which was called the Twister,I could also see
another slide that was yellow and it had a super long drop and the slide was called the Speedy slide.On the side I could see a Lazy river with Inflatable circle things that you could sit on.In the middle of the area below the long steps where the slides were was a little pool for kids that had a little slide called the Kids Chute my favorite slide called the black hole had been closed for years I was really disappointed because I really wanted to go on that slide.Then it was the time to go on the slides me and my dad went on the green one first since there was two slides next to each other we decided to race I sat down on the slide and then counted 1 2 3 GO,The slide went down and then down even further but I beat my dad I won but I felt super unconformable after I had finished going down the slide because I had a wedgie.After a few times going down the slide Me and My dad went on the yellow slide it was and outside slide and when I went down the slide it went super fast and The ride was over in 5 secs.Then it came to lunch time we found a nice cafe that was by the main pool and we ate lunch My dad had this really yummy chicken salad I wish I ordered it but it didn't I ordered the plain old boring chicken nugget and chips but I was still really tasty. Suddenly it was time to go home so we had to get everything out of our locker and get back in the car.

Image result for green slide at waiwera
Green twisty slide
Image result for green slide at waiwera
Black hole that has been closed for 4 years
Image result for green slide at waiwera
Super long yellow slide
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