Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Connect four

How do you play connect four? Well I’m going tell you how to play connect four.
Connect four is an easy game to play and fun as well. Connect four was made in 1974.
Here is how to play:

Firstly you need to know how to setup. You will need to get the:
To split the counter up red and yellow. Next make sure that there are 21 of each colour.
Grab out the grid there should be seven columns, and six rows.
Then you and your opponent will sit on opposite sides of the grid ready to play.

Secondly how do you play? I'm going to tell you know.
First decided who's going first (Hint:play rock, paper, scissors). When you know who's going first you will place a counter somewhere in the grid then the next player will play a counter in tell someone gets four in a row.

Thirdly I'm going to give you some ideas for playing this game.
*Start a connect four tournament.
*Play when its raining outside.
*Our try and make a harder way to play.

I have taught you how to play connect for from knowing how to set it up to playing to ideas.
And that's how you play connect four THANKS.

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