Thursday, 4 May 2017

Caleb holiday

On the last day of school on Friday I was very very excited to go HOME for the holidays.
The Friday celebration was the longest celebration I have ever been through. It seemed to last forever. Finally, when our class had been let go I sprinted out the door, got my bag, and drove to Rittivong’s house with him and Bill for his birthday sleepover.
A little while after Josh arrived, then about an hour later Caelin arrived. Because it was raining we played Roblox on the Xbox One. There was basically only one controller because Josh was hogging the other controller. On Roblox we played Phantom Forces, Blox Hunt and Speed Run. (and i’m pretty sure josh was playing roblox high school) Once it was time to go to bed we got ready, then it took us ages to get to sleep. In the morning it was not raining so we went outside and played basketball. Then it was time to have cake. The cake was a football (it kind of looked like josh). After that I went home.

On Saturday of week 1 of the holidays Josh.W came to my house (a 1 min walk away from his house) and  I played him at ping pong. (spoiler alert, I won 3-2) (take that josh) and Josh also sold me a bearing for 1$ because I wanted to make a Fidget spinner and you need a bearing so it can SPIN. I also needed superglue to stick the bearings together, so I went to Prem’s dairy to see how much super glue was, then went home to get a dollar to pay for the super glue.

For the next week I just stayed at home with my brothers and played Xbox and every now and then our mum would make us do a 3 km run. I guess it paid off though because I would have been not even able to run 2km at the 100k club or barely even make it past 6 in the beep test if I didn’t run in the holidays.

On Thursday week 2 of the holidays My brothers and I went to Taupo to see our grandparents and my cousins that are from my Mum’s side of the family.
We played mini-golf and went to the AC baths.

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