Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Basketball New Zealand
On the second week of the holidays I was selected to go to the under 14 New Zealand trials, and if I did well I could be selected to be put into a team and play in Australia.

For the second Wednesday of the holidays I was dropped off at the airport for the bus to pick me up. When we all got onto the bus we had to travel down to Rotorua where the trials was being held. When we finally made it to Rotorua we got off the bus and we went into the cabins and drop off our bags. After that we got into our first training.  

For our first training it was all about how high you can jump and how far you can  jump and how fast you can run 30 meters and a whole lot of other things. On the second training we had a 2 hour training and this training was about learning about each other and learning some new drills. When we had finished our first training we had a shower and went down to the dining room to have some lunch.
We had free time for a hour and then we went to our next training. For our next training it was all about your shooting form and how good you can shoot.

It was the last day of my camp and will still had to play our last two games for the tournament, we had won 4 games and lost 1 game but these two games was going to be the hardest games out of all of the games we had played. Once we had finished our first game of the day, we was all a bit up set because we lost the game by 1 point because the other team shot a three pointer to win the game for them. Straight after our first game we had our second game and funny enough with beat the team by 38 points.

We had packed all of our bags and we was ready to get on the bus to drive all the way back to Auckland. When we was on the bus it was so fun because  everyone was pulling pranks on each other, but we had to stop because one person sprayed there water on someone's phone and it broke because of all of the water that went inside of the phone.

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