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Today I am going to be explaining how to play chess. Chess is a board game of strategic skill for two players. Chess is played on a chequered board on which each playing piece is moved according to their ability. The objective is to put the kill your opponent's king..

Chess pieces have their own movements to move. The chess pieces have their own positions on the chequered board. Place all your pawns on the second row in front of you. The rooks go in the corners. The knights go next to the rooks. The bishops go next to the knights. Then the queen goes on her colour. That means if your queen is white your queen goes on the white square and your king goes on the last square.

The rules for chess are that white always started first. The king can only move one square in any direction. The queen can move any amount of squares in any direction. The two rooks can move any amount of squares but only in a straight line. The two bishops can move any amount of squares but only diagonally. The two knights can move only in an L shape and the eight pawns can move 2 squares forward in the beginning and one square forward for the rest of the game but the pawns can only take out the opponent's chess pieces diagonally.

So why don't you go ahead and buy a chess board and give it a crack or maybe even join a chess club. So if you never knew how to play chess and read my explanation i hope you now know how to play chess.  

How to play Pie Face

Image result for pie facePlaying board games can get confusing if you don’t know what you're doing. But there is one game that I am going to be teaching you how to play Pie Face. Pie Face has become the new favourite game for children ages 5 and up. This game came out round about the beginning of last year.

Image result for pie face imagesSetting up Pie Face simple, all you need is the game and a bottle of whip cream or if you want to make it interesting you can use a dessert of your choice. Pie Face can have the amount of 2-6 players. It is a fun game to do with friends and family. Playing Pie face with friends and family is like having a food fight. You never know when it's going to hit you.

Image result for whip cream canTo play Pie Face all you need to do is put the whip cream or dessert of your choice and place it on the hand. Next roll the dice to see how many time you have to click the button, lastly click the button and find out if you will become the next Pie Face.

Image result for pie face imagesNow that I have taught you how to play Pie Face you can go ahead and give it a go. It is a fun game to play with your family and friends. Remember all you need is the game and and a dessert of your choice and you are ready to Pie Face.  
Why you should play Rubik's Race
Image result for rubik's race setting up step by stepAre you ever thinking why so much time has been wasted doing nothing all day.Well that is all about to change with my amazing skills to prevent boringness and all you have to do is read on.So playing the rubikś race is a great way to spend time with your family and friends to get more and more use to playing with them, having so much fun with them.It also helps when you're playing the game to test you and your family members if they're smart or not,( What a great way to find out ).
Image result for rubik's race

Setting up the game is not that hard itś an easy and simple game to set up, not like those other games that are hard to set up like: you know what mean.So when you get out the game all you have to is bring out of the box,then set it up somewhere nice and flat and set the mini little squares onto the board game.Just remember the dice you have to shake for the pattern of the colour you need to match on the bigger bolder board.

Next up is playing the amazing game of Rubixś Race.To start of is you would have a intelligent or unintelligent people on a side each and VS each other,then you would have to roll the dice and whatever colour pattern it lands like you would have to play it on the board as quick as you can.After that once you finished it put down the top stand to say that you're finished the game and check if it is right.

When the game is finished and everything is right then you have won the game.Then you could play over and over again as much as you like to beat other people you haven’t VS before.Wasn’t that a fun game to make you think hard about the colour patterns.

Last but not lease That’s why you should Rubik's Race because you get to have fun with friends and family and don’t have to stress about anything apart from trying to win the game and learning it quicker and quicker as you go.

Hope you have been convinced to play the Rubik’s Race and have as much fun and knowledge playing the game.

How to play the game of life!

The Game Of Life

Image result for the game of lifeFirstly what is The Game Of Life, The Game Of Life is a board game for all ages it is a game where you restart your life but on a board. You can have babies, get married, buy houses, get a career and then after you have succeeded in life you can retire in a big mansion or a small cottage house.

Image result for the game of lifeThe modern game consists of a track on which players travel by spinning a small wheel (in the center of the board) with spaces numbered 1 through 10. The board also contains small mountains, buildings, and other three-dimensional objects. Playing pieces are small, colored, plastic automobiles which come in red, blue, white, yellow, orange, and green; each car has six holes in the top in which blue and/or pink "people pegs" are placed throughout the game as the player "gets married" and has or adopts "children". Some "early modern" editions have eight cars.

How to play: To start The Game of Life, choose a pink or blue peg to represent yourself and a car to travel around the board. On your first spin, decide if you want to go to college or start your career right away.

Image result for the game of life logoThe career path requires fewer moves to get to your first payday. Unfortunately, however, you only get to choose one career, and as some careers are reserved for those with degrees, you may have to return the career you receive and choose another one.  If you opt to go to college, you start the game with debt, and you have to pass more spaces to reach your first payday. However, you get to draw three career cards and then choose which one appeals to you the most, giving you more potential.
Each time you pass a payday square on the board, the banker hands you your salary in paper Life money. Out of your salary, you must pay taxes. In older versions of the game, all of the taxes go to the accountant, which means that whoever chooses that career almost always wins the game.  Every square you land on contains instructions or the details of a life event. You may get married, have children, go on vacations, buy a house or go back to school. At times, you use your money to buy things, but you can also take out Life loans for things you cannot afford.  

Image result for the game of life familyOn certain spaces, you are instructed to draw small Life cards or tiles. These small tiles describe various accomplishments such as publishing a book, winning a prize, or inventing an important product, and they each contain a dollar amount.  You cannot spend the money from your Life cards during the game, but you can claim their value at the end of the game.

At the end of this board game, you have to choose one of two retirement paths. The exact game instructions vary depending on which version of the game you have. However, in general, your options are to proceed to Millionaire Estates or try to become a millionaire tycoon.

Image result for the game of life charactersAt Millionaire Estates, you wait until everyone else finishes the game, and at the end, you pay your debts, and add your cash and Life cards together to figure out your net worth. The richest person wins the game.

If you want to become a tycoon, you choose a number between one and 10, and you spin the wheel or spinner. If you get your number in this risky option, you win automatically, regardless of what everyone else does. If you don't get the number you choose, you automatically lose.


Have you ever played a board game, well if you haven’t I would suggest RISK. Risk is a world war 2 game were you take over countries and use cannons, horses and soldiers. With Risk you can play with 2 players or 8 players. When you purchase risk the normal price for the board game is $70.00 and you get a lot of nice pieces with the board game.

In the game of Risk the am of the game is to try and build up your men and try and take over the other countries. If you want to win then you should put all of your men into one continent, because when it’s your turn again you will get some more men if you hold one continent. If you really don’t want to lose then you could team up with some people and try and work together, Because it’s a lot easier with a friend.

When you play Risk, anyone can play because the game is suitable for any age, because there isn’t any killing or bad language in the board game or on the board. When you want to play a game of risk, you should play with 4 or more people because otherwise when you play it will take a long time to get the game going.

If you decide you want to go and get the board game, then you should go to Farmer, toy world and the Warehouse, because all of these shops have the board game in stock. But for all of the pieces and the board game it will cost you around $75.00 - $100.00. But from my own opinion I would buy the game because it’s one of the best board games in the world with a group of people.

After listening to all of the reasons why you should buy the board game Risk, “are you”. The board game Risk is cheap and it’s a great game to play with others.

Connect four

How do you play connect four? Well I’m going tell you how to play connect four.
Connect four is an easy game to play and fun as well. Connect four was made in 1974.
Here is how to play:

Firstly you need to know how to setup. You will need to get the:
To split the counter up red and yellow. Next make sure that there are 21 of each colour.
Grab out the grid there should be seven columns, and six rows.
Then you and your opponent will sit on opposite sides of the grid ready to play.

Secondly how do you play? I'm going to tell you know.
First decided who's going first (Hint:play rock, paper, scissors). When you know who's going first you will place a counter somewhere in the grid then the next player will play a counter in tell someone gets four in a row.

Thirdly I'm going to give you some ideas for playing this game.
*Start a connect four tournament.
*Play when its raining outside.
*Our try and make a harder way to play.

I have taught you how to play connect for from knowing how to set it up to playing to ideas.
And that's how you play connect four THANKS.

How to play 5 second rule

How to play the 5 second rule gameImage result for figures board gameImage result for 5 second rule game
Are you bored at home and you want to play a board game. 5 second rule is the game for you.It’s a fun,family game that tests your knowledge and makes you think.This game is super easy to set up.Here is how to play this  game.

First thing you will need to do before you play is set up the game.Here is how you set up this game the correct way. First you need to bring out the board game and take everything out of the box,Next you need to do is give each player that is playing the game 3 pass on cards and 3 switch cards each.Then put the box of cards and the tall yellow timer on the side of the of the playing board.Last thing you will need to do before playing the game is give each player a figure to play with.

Image result for 5 second rule game
Now that you have set up the game here is how to play 5 second rule.
First everyone needs to put there figure on the start zone then the youngest person that is playing start and then the game goes clockwise with the players taking turns.There is no dice in this game so you just pick a card from the box and see what it says it might say name 3 types of shoe brands or name 3 presidents.Once you have decided what side of the card you're going to do get someone to flip the yellow timer upside down.Then you have 5 seconds to name whatever you had to name.If you get it all correct you get to move to the next space but if you get it wrong you do not get to move a space forward.Now it is the next player’s turn.
Image result for 5 second rule game yellow timer

If you get a card and you don’t know how to answer it or you don’t want to answer it you can use a pass on card,which means you don’t have to answer it put you don’t get another card it is the next player’s turn.You can also use a switch card which means whoever's turn it is after you they have to answer that correctly or they miss a turn.

Danger zone:
If you enter a danger zone all you have to do is get one card correct and then you can move out of the danger zone but if you get the card incorrect you will have to miss a turn :(

5 Second board game rules say that after the agreed number of rounds the points are counted up and the winner declared. Each card is 1 point.

This game is a fun game to play with friends or family.5 second rule makes you think and it also tests your knowledge.Just don’t forget that this game is a 2-5 player game also don’t forget that you must get everything right in the danger zone or you have to miss a turn.

Credit for pictures goes to Google.

Monday, 29 May 2017

How to play the game of life:

Have you ever thought about how to play the game of life board game? Well if you have you're in luck because I am going to be helping you how to play the game of life in 3 easy steps.

Image result for the game of life logoFirstly, There has to be over 1 person playing and less than 5 players and then  you have to choose a banker to get you all the money that you earn during the game. Then you go on college to get a alright job or you can go a career path which you have to pay money to go but you get a better job. After that all of the people playing has to spin the spinner and who ever spins the highest gets to start then you have to choose a car (there are different colour car so you won’t get mixed up). You have to put a pink or blue peg to represent yourself then you can start in the order that you have spun in.

Image result for the game of life carsSecondly, decide if you want to go to college or start your career right away. The career path requires fewer moves to get to your first payday. You keep on playing but when you pass a payday you get how many money that is on your career or collage card (the most is $330). Then you get to a part where you have to get married and you have to add a peg into your car then you have a choice if you want to choose the risky path or the safe path. ( I Always choose the risky path because you can earn money most of the time). If you land on a yellow spot then you pick up a card called the Action card and it is like a challenge you either get money or lose money or do a challenge.

Image result for the game of lifeThirdly, You keep on going around till someone lands on payday and you give them there payday. When you spin and you land on a number you have to look at your career card because it might be your number and if it is the person that spun the number has to pay you 20k.

So there is how you play the game of life and remember Don’t forget to collect your money when you go past pay day.

Pictures from google