Sunday, 2 April 2017

Why you should play NETBALL!

“Why you should play Netball”

Image result for netballThere are many great reasons on why you should play Netball. Netball is fun and you get to have fun playing with your friends as well as playing the game. Netball also helps making you confident on what you are doing and it can get you fit. It will also help with losing weight and picks up your fitness level.

Netball is a kind  sport that makes you energetic and pumped for anything you want to do and it also helps maintain your stress level if you are angry and annoyed.If you are always so concentrated on the t.v or any other networks netball can help loosen your mind to get your brain functioning again, instead of  being so bored inside playing on electronics all day.

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Playing netball can really help make us work as a team and cooperate pleasantly without fussing and moaning about little things that don’t need to be fussed over.Netball will help make your brain think properly if you are stressing over school work or any other types of staff that is really important.One thing that netball definitely helps with is competitiveness,get’s you strong and makes you tougher in life  to stick up for yourself.

Last of all netball helps boost up your self-confidence so you can be brave wherever you go and join something that you are not good at to help you improve,netball will make you focused and not distracted on anything else.So netball will make you become over your fears and if there is ever a little kid that doesn’t know how to play, you could show them and become a resilience person for demonstrating.
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I hope I have convinced you to join or play Netball because you enjoy life much more and get to have fun while playing your friends and last but not lease it helps with your leg muscles and any other running types and it teaches you to follow instructions and having great sportsmanship with one and another.

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