Sunday, 2 April 2017

Rob’s weird and depressing life

One day when Rob was gardening at 4:00 PM Sharp like he did everyday at his house. He saw a peculiar object as he dug some soil from under the rose flowers. There was a chest with a small gum ball inside. He was quite bored so he decided to eat it. At first it didn’t have a taste but then it got sour, and sour and sour. And finally it dissolved. Suddenly two girls came about the same age named Emma and Amy they started shouting at him saying what a boring life he had. And you’d be better off dead. (Rob was 18 by the way his parents died when he was very young, so he took care of himself). And they walked away to shop at the mall.

Rob thought they were right. So he thought he watered garden for the last time and went to his favourite place to be when he was sad. The edge of the cliff, overlooking the city. If only he could live in the city again with his parents. He jumped, but before hitting the ground he started to fly. And for some reason he felt smart for once. So he flew himself over to the mall. There was a giant monster. Attacking the mall. The monster grabbed two hostages it was the girls  from before.  Emma and Amy. The monster threatened to eat them so Rob flew back around.

But then he thought to himself. Would this be what his parents wanted. So he flew back around and punched that monster right in the gut. Unfortunately Amy never survived neither did Emma. But he still smiled. Then he woke up in a hospital bed. His parents we’re next to him. He died the next day. And now for real this time, he flew away.

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