Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Join The Dance Club! By Chloe

Join The Dance Club
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Did you know that Dancing is an amazing opportunity to do, it’s got everything! Body movement, body language, and a lot more amazing qualities! You should totally join the dance club right here at Reremoana! It’s so cool! So here are 3 reasons why you should join The Reremoana Dance Club. (it’s totally worth it)

Reason 1: Dancing is a good way to let out your true emotions. If you were very sad about something personal and don’t want to talk about it you could easily make up a sad dance, but if you're happy and want everyone to know how happy you are, you can invent a unique dance just for you! (You can even call it the  SUPER MEGA HAPPY DANCE or SMHD for short)

Reason 2: Dancing is upbeat! It’s like a little fat jolly man takes control of your body and makes you dance! It’s so much fun, you could meet new people and look at their amazing dance moves and make up  duet with both of your dance moves! But whenever you are sad the little jolly fat man dies. Until  you start to dance, then the little jolly fat man comes back alive and dances with you! (Yay)

Reason 3: Dancing is a great way to help with improving  your soul not to mention it also helps lose weight. We can dance to any music that we like, without even knowing we are losing weight! It’s amazing! Studies show that by dancing, you are not only losing weight but also improving your character! (aka Soul) And the best part about dancing is you can either do professionally or just for fun!

I hope you will take my interests into mind when you decide to join a club, but always remember, dancing is full of emotion, it’s a good way to let the little jolly fat man inside you dance happily, and it’s very healthy for you! So if you are interested stay until after school and you can join the Dance club bye!

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