Monday, 10 April 2017

Join A Club


Have you  ever considered to join a football club, well I have. I recently  joined the Papakura City FC grade 13 team.i think that kids should join a football club because, it improves your discipline and it gets you fit and stronger. You also make lots of friends.

Firstly football is a team sport and which requires a lot of discipline. You have to respect others and always concentrate on your training and at the game.  Discipline helps you to get better at your skills and concentration.

Secondly it's a fun sport where you don't
realise but you get a real good workout
during a game. If you play this sport you
could get more fit and stronger.
You could also get a lot better at football
skills and drills.

You will make lots of friends out
of school and you will have good
relationships with other schools.
You will also learn lots of new skills
and drills from new people .

So guys and girls if you ever consider joining a football club or get the opportunity to, go ahead for it you will enjoy it. But if you don't you could like football you could try other sports clubs like basketball, chess, fencing, tennis and many more. So go ahead and try out for a football club.  

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