Sunday, 2 April 2017


Cliffhanger ahead

Rob is sitting on his bed watching videos on his laptop. Then suddenly his sister burst into his room and starts whining “Can you please take me to the mall”
I'm busy insisted Rob. Amy then slowly leaned over to the screen of the computer “how busy, watching cats run Into walls.”
“Get Out!” Said rob angrily
“Pleaseee robert please...” muttered Amy putting on the cutest face she could.
“Fine But it is not illegal to kick you out halfway through the trip”  
“Yay” said Amy all excited again
Both of the kids got into the parents car but instead with rob behind the wheel. “Which mall did you want to go to again?”
“bad manners (bad-manners)mall”said amy
“That place is dodgy are you sure”said rob “yes” said amy
They soon arrived at the presented mall they called Bad Manors The second the got inside Amy ran off into the food court.
Rob started running after her but he lost her in the crowded food court.
Then as fast as lighting there was a gunshot followed by screams from the nearby crowd. Rob started rushing forward when he saw a man sprinting away with Amy's handbag Rob ignored the man and went straight towards the crowd there were two bodies lying down next to each other on the one side was emma the other, Amy… He ran straight into the crowd right up to Amy screaming “it’s all my fault!” He checked the pulse of his little sister, he felt as her heart started to stop then In a instant her little life was at a end.

The end

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