Sunday, 2 April 2017

Narritive writing

Call for duty: Emma, Amy and Rob

Vietnam, Asia
0800 hours
May 5, 2022
Operation “Blackspot”

“alpha team 2 this is Misfit actual what is your status”,  “ Sir, we are under heavy fire, taken multiple casualties the PLR are everywhere send an evac to my location”!, “ Copy Alpha team 2 sending delta 4 to your Coordinates”. “ Misfit, this is delta 4, We are on approach”,  “ Copy delta 4, Sending info on the alpha team to your HUD”, “ Copy misfit delta 4 out”, “ Okay, Delta 4 suit up we’ve got work to do, Rob you take Matkovic, Campo and Montes we’ll drop you at the parking lot Emma and Amy you provide cover from the roof” As Rob and his team were dropped on the top of the parking lot while  Emma and Amy were keeping watch on the rooftops.  As ground units reached the bottom of the parking lot the PLR rolled in an m46a3 ravager to finish off the remaining infantry in the area.

Emma and Amy AKA Glaz & Palitz, the marines deadliest sniper - spotter team, with 156 confirmed kills and counting. As the two were scoping out the best possible for their team Another sniper team looking for the leftover marines, Glaz & palitz were about to have 158 confirmed kills added to their count but before Emma could pull the trigger the ravager had the team in their sights and were about let fly their 30’mm at the where they were stationed and blow them to smithereens. As the tank lined up towards the two rob threw his vintage stick grenade into the barrel of the tank and ‘Boom goes the dynamite’. After blowing up the tank and causing the entire country to realize that there were still U.S marines left in their area rob and his team was safely on a chopper going home with the wounded soldiers they had saved. Rob, Emma and Amy were awarded the medal of honor and were recognized for their bravery towards the service in the army.  

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